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Top -5 Video Editing Apps For iPhone

19 Jan 2021 Developer News
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Video editing apps
Video editing apps

The use of iPhones has become prevalent among smartphone users around the world. The cult-like following iPhones have gained over the years has been massively overwhelming. One of the main reasons the iPhone is a smartphone choice for many people is its advanced lenses and video quality.

Today, filmmakers can easily edit their video footage from their phones and share it on social media platforms. The use of video editing apps by iPhone users has made it incredibly easy to create and share quality video content. As a result, there has been a surge in the number of video editing apps available to iPhone users.

So the question is how you figure out the best video editing app for iPhone amidst so many others. Selecting the best video editing app for iPhone can be quite challenging. To save you time and money, we have made a list of the top 5 video editing apps for iPhone.

1. iMovie

One of the best free video editors for iPhone is iMovie. Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or MacBook come with the app. The iMovie video editing app is excellent for beginners who are just experiencing the magic of filming with their iPhones.

iMovie video editing app is straightforward to use and does pretty much everything from video editing and titles,  voiceovers and photos, music, and so much more. The app integrates well with the Apple ecosystem and supports 4k on recent Apple devices. You can stream clips of an Apple TV via Airplay or save them to the iCloud drive.

The iMovie green screen helps to reduce the effects added to your movie. The video editing app also provides the availability of themes for sports and news production.


·       Separates audio track from video

·       Trims scenes down to specific frames.

·       Imports pics, video, and other media types.

·       Green screen editing

·       Readily shares to other social media platforms.


·       Video sharing to other social media platforms may be slow.

·       Lacks advanced video functionality

·       Requires a high level of HDD space.

2. Inshot

The Inshot video editing app is packed with everything you need in video editing. The app allows you to apply effects and stickers, filters, trim videos, music, etc. It is a one-stop app for every of your video and photo editing needs.

You can also stitch together multiple videos with blank canvases and photos using the Inshot app. Inshot has animated features that allow you to work on all sorts of editing and enhancements. The Inshot video editing app also allows users to flip and rotate footage, change the footage's speed, and add text.

Rather than combining multiple apps to edit footage, Inshot will enable you to do everything in one app.


·       All-in-one functionality

·       Comes with an abundance of features ranging from cropping, filtering, text, etc.

·       Shares videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with just a click.

·       Shares videos in high resolution by exporting at 1080p.

·       Active and adequate response from the app's developers.


·       Watermark appears in all video content edited in the app.

·       Not all effects in the app are suitable for professional productions.

·       The popping up of advertisements on the editing screen and also when downloading filters and screens.

3. Movavi Clips

One of the best video editing apps for iPhone is Movavi Clips. The app comes in handy for individuals who are beginners in video creation. Users can split, rotate, tilt, adjust color, crop their entire video and fragments. It also has such features as adding text and overlaying audio, as well as special effects like speed change, pan, and zooming. It has a pretty easy-to-use interface and tutorials that come in handy.

Movavi Clips also come with a desktop version, which is quite rare among most video editing apps. There you can also find features such as stabilization that allows you to edit blurred videos or pictures due to shaky phone cameras.It also has a unique feature called Chroma Key that enables users to remove background and replace it with anything else.


·       Most features in the app have one-click controls

·       Has advanced video editing features such as speed change, pan, and zoom.

·       Allows you to record voice-overs

·       It has a friendly user interface.


·       Working with HD video on the app is quite challenging.

·       It has a low light scheme feature.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you are looking for one of the best video editing apps for iPhone, think of the Adobe Premiere Rush 5. Editing videos in the app is best suited for individuals who have considerable experience in video editing.

The app has an impressive array of features, which includes title cards for videos, motion graphics templates, audio adjustments, easy-to-use video editing, customized social media and YouTube content, the addition of text, etc.

Adobe Premiere Rush 5 is cross-platform.


·       User-friendly interface

·       Posting your videos to social media is only a click away

·       It has a well-designed and organized layout.


·       Limited transitions

·       Does not have storyboard templates to help with video structure.

·       Does not have features such as green screen, motion tracking, freeze frame effects, etc.

5. Kinemaster

The influx of more social media platforms is pushing the boundaries of video content creation. Kinemaster is a video editing app that conveniently ranks among the best video editors for iPhone. The app comes with exciting features and numerous tools for video editing and enhancement.

 Kinemaster allows users to record video and audio in real-time. You can also add layers of video, text, etc, enhancing your video editing possibilities. Kinemaster will enable you to share videos on social media platforms in an instant. Kinemaster allows its users to edit their videos to the right quality and precision.


·       It comes with a green screen, audio adding, extracting, volume control, etc.

·       Addition of multiple layers.

·       Allows easy access to other options.


·       Videos and audio tracks can be difficult to crop.

·       Exporting edited videos may be quite challenging

·       You may experience lags and slow down during the editing process

Final thoughts

Editing videos on your iPhone has never been this exciting with the availability of top-notch video editing apps. We have looked at some of the best video editing apps for iPhones and hope you would be able to explore the endless possibilities in video editing provided by these apps.

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