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Why Do Residents Prefer Using HOA Mobile App

25 Jan 2021 Developer News
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HOAs can provide real value to residents by developing a customized mobile application for the community. This mobile app offers fast and convenient CC&R searches, mobile surveys, community calendars, violation reporting, and increase meeting attendance.

Let us look at the benefits of using an HOAs mobile app.


With mobile apps, residents can access vital HOA information and communication including text message notifications and mobile app notifications from any place in real-time easily. City Property Management is a leading company that offers professional HOA mobile app for Android and iPhone. It helps boost the self-service capabilities of residents and access to HOA communication.

Increase Meeting Attendance

Mobile apps are beneficial to increase event attendance in an organization. In-app alerts from mobile apps help enhance meeting attendance among resident members in the community.

In-app notifications are available for members who have downloaded the HOA app on their phone. With these friendly mobile alerts, they can get prompts to attend board meetings, events, and remember significant neighbourhood dates.

Mobile Votes and Surveys

With an HOA mobile application, you do not even require physical attendance to involve the resident members. The HOA mobile app lets users collect necessary information without any need for meeting attendance, mailers, emails, and phone calls.

Many residents don’t have the time to conduct regular meetings, but they can easily respond to a small phone survey and provide honest feedback via the app while commuting or during breaks.

Violation Reporting Feature

HOA mobile app makes it easy for its users to make reporting violations and apprehensions to the HOA directly and easily. The mobile app comes with a simple reporting/massaging feature that makes it easier to send pictures and reports of everything that interests the community's board.

Fast and Simple CC&R Searches

A lot of people find CC&Rs to be difficult to read. It becomes quite difficult to examine the documents and find the rules that apply to their situation. This would, in turn, result in accidental violations of rules, unnecessary struggle, and fines.

Helps Share the Community Calendar

Most HOAs plan neighbourhood events and celebrations every year. It becomes hard for the residents to keep track of them. Here comes the other important use of an HOA mobile app. It lets users the calendar with these events and shares it across the community events calendar. It is a fast and easy way to keep yourself updated on the events. 

Get Access to Community Feed

Another important benefit of the application is that it has an interactive feature that helps the resident to access the community feed. Residents can use a mobile phone to create posts and interact in the community feed. This is a simplified platform that benefits residents easily compare with popular social media communication application platforms.


HOAs are upgrading their technology and enhancing direct communication to residents via online resources and websites. The mobile app offers several types of benefits for iPhone and Android. These are the top ways to choose an HOA mobile app to boost the self-service abilities of people and access to HOA communication.

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