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Top 12 Innovative App Choices to Consider for keeping up to Speed in 2021

25 Jan 2021 Developer News
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Productivity, utility, and innovation are expected to be the key buzzwords, going into 2021. With a majority of individuals planning to start afresh in the current year whilst trying to forget the impressionable memories of 2020, mobile applications are expected to play a major role. In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about 12 such innovative app choices that adhere to the mentioned catchphrases.

1. To-Do Applications

Nothing beats to-do applications if you are planning to adhere to your New Year resolutions. However, it is important to select the right one and we would suggest you opt for DynaList if a majority of your to-do jobs are work-centric. Other preferences include the ToDolst or even TickTick if you seek something innovative and relevant.

2. Streaming Applications

While each of us can relate to the likes of Netflix and even Amazon Prime Video, there are quite a few apps relevant to the streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, which might just help you get rid of the Cable TV fixation. Although there are a number of apps available to start streaming in minutes, we are still fixated on the likes of Cinema APK, Titanium TV, and CyberFlix.

In addition to that, you can also select applications that are handy to businesses and allow them to reap the benefits of live video streaming.

3. Spelling Apps

Have you ever been judged due to subpar spelling skills or inadvertent errors due to hasty typing? If yes, you should consider a spelling checker, simply to avoid the embarrassments of sending over erroneous emails. While there are quite a few options available in the market, you can blindly rely on the Grammarly extension. As an add-on, it also fixes your basic grammatical errors.

4. Clipboard Management apps

Copying an item, image, or even a piece of text isn’t as straightforward as it seems, more so if you are planning to use it sometime in the future. Therefore, every smartphone or even iPhone must have a good clipboard manager that allows access to the content, the moment you need it. As tested by our team, Ditto comes forth as an automatic choice. The best thing about this application is that it works as an extension to the standard clipboard and doesn’t overwhelm the user with a long and frustrating learning curve.

5. Mindfulness

Although you might have evaded the scars of the pandemic-stricken 2020, mental peace might still be eluding your consciousness. This is where applications like Headspace and Calm come into the mix; thereby allowing you to meditate at will or perfect the sleeping pattern. While some might consider these as basic apps for mediation, they actually try to bring mindfulness into the mix whilst helping you unwind after a hectic day of continued toil.

6. Password Manager

Managing passwords on a smartphone, especially an iPhone, is actually the most arduous job. While Apple allows you to keep a track of most social media account passwords via the all-inclusive Touch ID, nothing beats the value of a password management application. Based on personal preferences, we would suggest in favor of the high-end 1 Password, which also offers cloud access, precisely to manage and use passwords even on a remote device.

7. Habit-Forming applications

New Year resolutions are all about forming habits whilst managing time for pursuing something more worthwhile. This is why every device should have at least one habit-forming or rather an effective time management application, to at least help you with habit formation. In case you are worried about the distractions, Freedom comes forth as one of the better options to rely on, as this app has the ability to ward off all the unimportant websites that aren’t related to work.

Apart from that, you can also consider Habitica that allows you to solve certain issues and even incentivize the goals, precisely by helping you set specific milestones.

8. Journaling Applications

If maintaining a physical diary seems difficult, you can always consider gratitude journals or relevant apps for logging in the details. Keeping the current scenario in mind ‘Presently’ is one of the better choices to invest time and efforts in.

9. Application with Artificial Intelligence at the Core

When it comes to trying out innovative applications, your focus should be to ascertain the newest breed of launches, precisely the ones loaded with ML and AI-centric innovations. For individuals who are interested to learn about data science and m machine learning, Data Science 101 is a pretty handy application. Besides, if you are a company that categorizes chatbots as efficient tools to communicate with the audience, Replika is a reliable resource.

For gamers invested in the possibilities surrounding AI and ML, there are quite a few options to pick, including Happy Draw and Vs. Tensorflow. Regardless, of the one you choose, you are bound to get amazed by the real-life scenarios, possibilities, and even the way Artificial Intelligence has been implemented.

10. Focus-Based Applications

In case you suffer from a lack of focus, there are quite a few decluttering apps to take you closer to minimalism. One of the better bets includes the Indistractable app, which easily removes the screen clutter and only allows you to view the relevant components. However, if procrastination is an issue, the best productivity-improving application is the Forest, which allows you to build some good karma by doing things when they need to be done.

11. Apps for Getting a Better Sleep

Smartphones can be distracting, especially if you are looking to get some good sleep at night. While there are quite a few applications to counter the spread of blue light, the most reliable ones include the Yeelight. This application brings forth the perfect, sleep-friendly lighting conditions, allowing you to customize the smartphone environment according to the time of the day.

12. Scheduling

Scheduling app notifications isn’t demeaning at all. Instead, it allows you to be in control of your daily schedule whilst allowing prioritization of work. Considering this, Daywise comes forth as the best app that can help you get rid of Notification fatigue or any relevant issue.

While these are some of the best applications to consider in 2021, we would soon be presenting a new list with students and academics being the focal point of the discussion.

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