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7 Best iOS Apps for Creative Writing

30 Jan 2021 Developer News
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It is arguable whether Microsoft Word is the best word processor. However, it is evident that it offers some of the best features for writers. Therefore, it is unfortunate that Apple users cannot access it as its design is compatible with only Windows. This should not be an issue as there are numerous writing apps available on the App Store. You can quickly type your documents and edit them on your iOS device. The application choice is essential as it determines what features you have access to. When writing, the last thing you need to worry about is what application to try out first. Below is a list of the best applications for creative writing.

1. iA Writer

This app has earned the best app on App Store award four times. It is a favorite since it offers intuitive writing features. It gives writers a distraction-free zone through the Focus mode. This is a feature that dims the entire screen apart from the line you are working on currently. iA Writer grows the writer's skills by marking the mistakes, weak sentences, wordiness, etc. You can make personal writing templates then publish them on WordPress. You can also save your work on iCloud or Dropbox.

2. Simpletone

If you like plain text, Simpletone is the app for you. It also allows users to record videos and record their voice. When using Simpletone, you can play around with the font style, font size, and text color. It supports iCloud, which enables you to share your work with other devices. You can also link your social media accounts and send the documents to your friends.

3. Byword

This is one of the newest applications available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It supports TXT, TEXT, NMED, MDOWN, MARKDOWN, MD, Fountain file formats, and MMD. Since it is compatible with a range of Apple devices, Byword allows you to multitask. It does not matter whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad; you can access Byword. With Byword, you can easily split your screen, which allows you to navigate between documents if you have the need. You can also continue editing your documents offline or convert them to HTML or PDF. Byword has a dark mode, which is gentle to the eyes.

4. Notebook

In 2016, Notebook earned the best App of the Year Award. It is a product of a company named Zoho and is one of the versatile and powerful writing apps for iOS users. It facilitates essential functions like editing spreadsheets, PDFs, and documents. Notebook lets you scan documents so that you can have a soft copy version. When doing school assignments, it is one of the most favorable apps due to the ease of storage. You do not need to walk around the university with external storage as you can store your assignments in the cloud. It is also free. Notebook compliments write my essays websites perfectly.

5. Notability

This is a viable writing app for iOS users. It has a user-interface feature that is easy to understand, making it suitable for teachers, students, and other professionals. Notability allows you to secure your documents with passwords to restrict access. It is a versatile app that lets users work on documents simultaneously using the multi-note feature. Notability has the word counter tool that tells you the number of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in the text you input.

6. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a free-form application that allows multiple users to collaborate. The app collects notes, screen clips, audio, and drawings from users. OneNote does not restrict you to a document window like other word processors. You can click anywhere on the canvas, then create a textbox and start writing. As you continue writing, OneNote saves your work automatically.

On OneNote, you can easily make notes that have drawings, tables, pictures, and text. Through API, OneNote now has new features like the OneNote Clipper and the Email to OneNote. OneNote Clippers lets users save a screenshot from a OneNote with the link. Email to OneNote allows users to send emails to [email protected], which saves the email's contents.

7. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular writing apps. Its design helps you carry out essential tasks and leave out distractions. It allows you to dictate notes and convert them into written format. You can also use it for task management, archiving, organizing documents, or chatting with friends. Evernote is accessible by other devices like Android and Microsoft Windows, which makes it a cross-platform. You can use it for free, but it has monthly limits. For unlimited usage, you can pay for a plan.


There are numerous writing applications available to iOS users. As indicated above, they all offer varying features; thus, you should find one that suits your needs. For example, if you are keen on collaboration, look for one with features that facilitate that. You should also note whether it supports Android or Microsoft users to prevent limitations on the devices you can collaborate with as an iOS user. Also, check on the pricing to ensure it fits your budget.

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