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5 Amazing Technologies Coming From Amazon

01 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Though Amazon went live in 1995 and ever since, the technology giant has not looked back. Every few months, new and innovative inventions enter the fray. Most of them, however, are quite popular among the target audience.  From cloud computing to e-readers and grocery shopping Amazon has experimented in a lot of genres, and the success followed all their efforts.

Here we are going to tell you 5 remarkable technologies that come from Amazon stable.

Amazon Firestick

After Apple and Google entered the streaming markets, Amazon bought out its Firestick offering. The product has been widely appreciated and had more than 34 million users by mid-2019.

In the USA, the streaming industry marks the market share separately for its stick and box versions. This means that Amazon’s Fire TV box has 57% of the market share, but its stick has around 28%.

According to this site, the Amazon Fire stick is one of Amazon’s hugely popular and well-appreciated technologies.

Amazon Dash Button

In late March 2015, Amazon announced its virtual dash button, and many people were wary of this new technology. The Dash button was introduced as a single function controller that they could use to place daily needs orders. However, Amazon discontinued the physical devices in the year 2019. Though, it still supports the buttons that were installed in the appliances.

Amazon Fresh

Though online grocery shopping started way back in 1990, only Amazon was able to sustain this particular model for a longer duration. The Amazon fresh facility gives the users a chance to order fresh groceries at their home's convenience.

What is more, the truck delivers the product you ordered in a span of 2 hours. This service launched in 2007, and ever since 2013, the subsidiary expanded rather quickly.

Amazon prime air

It is a speculation that in the near future, customers will receive their orders in 30 minutes. The company would probably start using drones and deliver the product before the time.

Though the devices remain controversial, the company is hopeful that people would start considering the drones as their products' deliverers. Though till now, this is not a clickable option yet the Prime Air centers have opened in the US, UK, France, Australia, and Israel.

Amazon Fire phone

The company entered the smartphone market in the year 2014. It launched the Amazon Fire phone, and it had the same operating system as the Kindle reader. The phone could download any app suitable for Google Play.

However, the product did not do as well as Amazon’s other offerings. After a year, they discontinued the product, and the company has not shown any inclination to restart it.


Amazon has been on a roller coaster ride since it launched. Most of its products are keeping in mind the needs of the customers. This customer interest in mind has increased their sales manifold.

The above are just some of the technologies that Amazon has implemented. Apart from that, there are other services also which are immensely popular and will grow further in the near future.

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