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The Starburst Slot and its History

02 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Unlike many old but gold slot machines, the starburst slot is a very new and recent slot game. Although being late to the party, it quickly became famous because of its high winning chance. It was released as an online platform that can now be played on any device with WIFI capabilities. The design of the game is like a retro space game with similar lighting. The sounds are also pretty intense, making for a very mystifying and tension creating environment.

Bet Amount and How to Play

The Starburst has a very simple and traditional manner of playing. Just like many slot games, this can 5 by 3 reels. The bet amount can vary from as little as £0.01 and up to £100. There are also options for setting the maximum bet and autoplay feature, which randomly sets the bet, making the game much more intense. The way of playing is simple. Set your bet amount, choose your bet level, and press the button to check if you are lucky enough.

Rewards and Bonuses

The game takes a very different approach when awarding a person with free spins. It has a winning RTP of 96.09%. To clarify, if you spend £100, then you win back £96.09, if lucky. This depends completely on the machine, which generates a random percentage for you to win back. If you want a more intense experience, then the Viking slots game is for you.

How to Play a Viking Slot Game?

The viking slot game was released recently in 2018. It is based on a popular TV-series which is set in the era of the vikings. The game itself is a 5 by 3 reel game. The bet amount can start from £0.02 and go all the way up to £100. The spin itself has pictures of the vikings from the tv shows. There are random bonuses such as raid spins, which change the last slot when enough are collected. Shield walls change symbols completely to match with others on the reels. The spin also has payout chances of up to 10000 times your bet, which is very impressive. There is also an autoplay option that plays the game for you automatically on a set bet amount.

How are the Winnings?

The viking slot game has a high RTP of 96.05%. The hit frequency is less than 2 in 10 spins. The max winning can go up to 10000 times your bet. But this is only in the raid spins game mode. The normal game mode has a multiplier of 607.5 times your bet, which is less for an online game.

All in all, the starburst and the viking both have decent RTPs. Both have a good range for bets and are fun to use because of their unique themes and the accompanying music and sounds that tempt a person to play the game. Both these games are available on Bucky Bingo.

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