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Magento 2 Performance Optimization

20 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Magento 2 is one of the most popular and user-friendly e-commerce platforms used by most web stores. 

Once on the pages of web stores, users do not know what kind of work the browser faces in order to transform various scripts, HTML, and styles into the final version. The buyer is interested in the speed of loading and ease of use. Therefore, one of the main irritants is the slow speed of the website, making server optimization essential to ensuring business success and improving quality.

Why is the speed of a Magento 2 website important?

Most people are aware that the performance of any website has a significant impact not only on search engine results but also on conversion rates. People don't want to wait long for the page to load, because everyone is used to working with fast sites that are instantly available for interaction. As a result, every additional second that is spent loading a web page reduces conversions and profits for your business.

Many experts from Google and Bing have researched the relationship between website load speed and audience loyalty. The results showed several trends that are followed by most users:

  •  a decrease in the number of clicks

  •  decreased visitor satisfaction

  •  reduction in profits

In order to effectively solve the problem with the speed of the website in Magento server, you will need the help of experienced specialists who can optimize performance for web stores. 

Practical tips for Magento 2 performance optimization

To successfully optimize Magento 2 performance, you first need to check all third-party extensions that work on your online store. The fact is that some extensions can negatively affect the speed of a website.

The next point is to check the configuration and server requirements. One of the key factors that affects the performance of a webstore is the server. If the server is not configured, then you cannot count on high speed. Oftentimes, using a quality hosting provider becomes a deciding factor. 

Use CDN services that will allow you to distribute content to users much faster, depending on their location. Besides, CDN helps to increase the loading speed of web pages.

To attract the attention of users and display products in any online store, there are many different banners and images. Pictures have a big impact on the speed of a resource, so you need to use compressed images in low-weight formats.

Another effective way to combat slow database load speed is to enable a flat catalog. Such manipulations can show a good result, especially for those online stores, whose catalog contains a large number of products. 

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