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Language Apps to Change the Approach of Learning Languages

25 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Language apps

 Learning languages with the help of an app is very popular nowadays. It slowly revolutionizes the foreign language learning process since it offers people a chance to study remotely, at a lower cost, as well as adjust both the content and pace of their studying. There are many benefits of using a language app, but due to the versatility of such tools offered online, many wonder how effective this type of studying can be.

The answer is – very! With the right tool and proper motivation, you can become fluent in the target language fast. Apps offer language practice from the very beginning, which is why more and more people show interest in them every day.

Benefits from Learning Languages on an App

Here are just a couple of the many perks such apps offer the users:

·         Adjust the content and pace. Unlike traditional classrooms where the curriculum is generalized to fit a wide audience, apps allow for more personalized learning. You can customize your pace as well as the content with quality learning apps.

·         Great levels of flexibility. For busy people and those who do not want to be tied to a class at a certain hour and place, this is ideal. You can learn a language from any place and at any time. Whether it is before you go to bed or during your work break, you just need to open the app and get some content.

·         Affordability. Language learning apps are much more affordable than traditional language schools and centers. Not to mention, you can forget about the outdated classes, strict schedules, and those books you carry around all the time.

Excellent Language Learning Apps You Should Try

The ideal app will accommodate your individual learning style and allow you to study at your own pace. It goes without saying that it has to provide quality and accurate content. There’s no written rule as to what will work best for everyone since people have different learning needs.

Some love learning languages through games. Others love speaking it more than writing it, and vice versa. That being said, here are some innovative language learning programs that you can consider based on your style and needs.

1.    Preply
Preply is the most versatile and encompassing app you can find to study languages these days. It’s not a language app per se, but it’s a tutoring website where you can pick and choose between affordable experts based on your needs and level.

This app offers you a real, face-to-face experience, which makes it different from the rest of the options in this list. Face-to-face tutoring resembles classroom work with the big difference of studying one-on-one. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of study apps such as flexibility and individualized learning pace, plus gives you the perk of studying with an actual expert.

Since Preply is originally a desktop site with an app, you can access your lessons from any device at any time.

2.      Memrise
Memrise is different from other apps because it is focused on speaking the language more and on rules less. With this app, you won’t be limited to phrases and quizzes, or flashcards. You get access to videos with real-world situations where you can listen to natives speak the language. This is ideal for those who want to master conversing in the target language. On this app, you have 25 languages to choose from.

3.     Duolingo
Duolingo is much simpler than the other three options, but it is also free to use. It offers 37 choices for languages and has a very unique approach to learning. There’s no limitation as to how many languages you can learn at the same time.

For every language there are lessons. Even though they are rather simplified, it is still a surprise that this app is free considering the volume of material it offers.

Final Thoughts
Learning a language is an amazing skill to master, but it takes time and dedication. If you decide to study at your own pace with an app, try to be organized and persistent in this endeavor. Those who don’t procrastinate find such apps to be an amazing way to learn a new language – or languages. 

Good luck!

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