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Auto-Comments on Instagram

25 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Even as social media marketing continues to grow, more innovations to improve this strategy continually take centre stage. One of these trends is marketing automation, whose impact is already visible on Instagram and other digital platforms through advanced metric projections, marketers' suppliers and advanced metric projections. However, the biggest challenge is implementing automation strategies.

Although auto-comments, relying entirely on marketing automation, could lose your human touch, the perks of this feature far outweigh the cons.

What are automated replies on social media?

If you have encountered auto responders in your email, you should have an idea of how Instagram autoresponders work. Usually, they are triggered once someone starts an interaction or leave a comment containing particular words.

The primary purpose of automated replies is to ensure no comment is ignored and ensure a close relationship between you and your followers. Also, automated replies improve your response time as it automates answering generic questions.

Auto-Comments Vs. Bots

It is no secret that Instagram struggles with inauthentic activities like fake followers, and spam followers may seem suspicious. Many of these auto-comments often leave comments that do more harm than good. Having encountered these challenges, most Instagram users choose to stay away from all form of automation. 

Setting up an automated response does not involve posting anything to other profiles or automatically following new people. Compared to marketing automation on emails, the difference would be equal to that of autoresponders and spam. Several actions are taken when setting up auto-moderation rules, like deleting and hiding offensive Instagram comments. You cannot use automated social media moderation to follow a person or send a direct message to them.

Benefits of Automated Comments

Although many Instagram users have argued that automatic Instagram likes and comments aren't as good as it was thought to be, the major perk is that it alleviates tedious tasks to improve your efficiency and cuts down your operation cost.

Here are the reasons auto-comments may be suitable for the day-to-day operation of your account.

●Build A Positive Brand Image

Your followers are human and natural that they would love timeliness in responding to their comments. When you provide your followers with timely reactions as soon as they react to your content and positively perceive your brand, with this feature, you can quickly reply to specific responses in a heartbeat and keeping them engaged.

●Deliver Better Customer Care Service

Manually operating popular customer care service is a lot to take care of as you might be having other administrative tasks. Auto-comments gives your team the time to address each comment and allows them time to handle more complicated cases. When you give your followers enough time, they will always find a reason to interact with your Instagram posts.

Many customers have sited unanswered inquiries as one of the reasons they stopped following some brands. With auto-comments, your team will find the much-needed time to dig into the details of significant cases and not simple ones where a follower only required a 'thank you' to feel appreciated.  

●Get Rid of Spammers

If you notice repetitive spam comments, you can set up an auto-comment rule that helps to automatically delete such and take care of such to take on your profile's quality. Naturally, the nature of such comments varies; some come from fake Instagram users, competitors trying to derail your Instagram ads or comments that are offensive in nature. In most cases, such comments come from hacked accounts.

These can be managed through an automated moderation rule, a feature designed to delete comments that include particular keywords.

When to Use Auto-Comments on Instagram

Auto-comments are recommended for various scenarios; some of these cases include:

●Common Inquiries

When you present your product or service to the public on Instagram, you will likely receive many questions regarding the availability and, most importantly, price. Setting up an automated reaction for those question will make your work easier and shorten your product promotion journey. It will help your potential clients make their decision on whether or not to proceed or not.

Given the nature of almost all customers, who expect to receive instant responses at any time of the day, this feature can be convenient. By setting up some rules through auto-response for everyday inquiries, you will be stepping closer to meeting the demand of your followers. Even a short and precise comment that informs your follower that you are following up on your issue will go a long way in making your followers feel loved and comforted.

●Act-react Interactions

Most definitely, ignoring emoji reactions from your followers will not destroy your brand; however, acknowledging them will be a lovely gesture. Your followers will always want to interact with your posts. Although it might look like a minor issue, it is key to expanding your followership and increasing your account's engagement rate.

When you set an auto-comment rule for replying to specific keywords, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. Besides spending very little time managing your potential clients, your followers will feel encouraged, and they will not stop interacting with your brand.

However, one downside of this feature is how the auto-comment algorithm responds after receiving a sarcastic comment that goes outside your scope. While it is incredibly crucial to have one for your business, auto-comment moderation can never replace a team of hand-on professionals but can only be used to save a ton of time for simple questions.

Instagram Automation Best Practices

If used correctly, automated comments can be hard to spot, and only keen Instagram users can spot this difference. To make the best out of this feature, here are some of the things to consider.

●Listen to Real Followers

Take your time to take a good look at what your audience left under your Instagram posts. There is a chance that you will recognize some pattern or typical quarries. Use such comments as your starting point to evaluate your social media marketing automation.

After sorting out these comments, put yourself in your customers' shoes and set automatic responses that will help address common problems. Think about the relationship you want to build and the tone you want your brand to take.

●Prepare Various Answers

As you may have already seen, coming up with answers of several variations or automated response will make your answers look more natural. You can play around with the use of emojis and creative copy. Test out a few answers you have set out and compare the results with reactions they are receiving. You can gradually add more options as you learn from experience.

●Get Personal

There is a way you can add some personal touch to your message between customization and automation. Setting up more personalized and auto-comment rules will automatically tag a particular Instagram user you are replying to.


Auto-comment on Instagram is a trend anyone with a considerable following should embrace. The most significant benefit of automated moderation is that it will improve your Instagram presence, especially if you don't spend much time on this platform.  Auto-comments on Instagram provide a better customer experience, improve customer engagement, and streamline social media service.

What's more, it implements the auto-comment service is simple and does not involve any additional cost.  If used well, it will improve your team's productivity.

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