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How to Choose a Birthday Gift for a Gamer

09 Mar 2021 Developer News
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A birthday is a special day that requires special attention. Buying a gift for a gamer may be a challenging deal unless one knows about the gaming gear specifications and price ranges. The task becomes even more difficult if the budget for the gift is low. However, choosing a gift for a gamer is not that time- or money-consuming as it sounds with the help of a guide, like this one.

Gaming is about enjoying the virtual world, struggles, and victories. The quality of communication between players matters a lot, too. So when it comes to choosing the perfect gear for a PC, Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, gamers look for a perfect blend of convenience, style, productivity, and price. While some of the best gamers may still use their favorite controller, though the latter is out-of-date, others invest in the best gear possible.

Regardless of the preferences for the gaming equipment, choosing an average-priced model of a controller, headset, or keyboard, among other accessories, is a safe choice. A mainstream average-priced model can have the same functionality that the top pro-tier ones. On the other hand, the advanced and expensive gear may be just unfit for a particular playstyle or a game.

Choosing the Best Gaming Headset Under 100$

Headsets fall into the category of the most important gaming accessories. If chosen properly, headphones will noticeably increase their owner’s win rate. Because the gaming gear companies know how much importance gamers put in their headphones, they may use a number of marketing tricks to make one choose expensive models.

Nonetheless, finding the best gaming headset under 100$ is real because the majority of the average-priced headsets and even the cheaper versions have the functions, which the companies advertise only for their expensive accessories. Here is a helpful list on finding the best gaming headset under 100:

  1. Closed-back headphones. Closed-back headphones are the best gift for gamers who want to fully enjoy their gaming experience without being distracted by the noises coming from the external world. The best models of cheap closed-back headphones are Sony MDR 7506 and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.
  2. Open-back headphones. The latter allows sounds from the gaming environment to get into the external world and vice versa. Some gamers might prefer open-back headphones for a better gaming experience while playing in the company of friends. The best open-back models under 100 are Sennheiser HD 59 and Philips SHP9500.
  3. Over-ear or on-ear headphones. The majority of gamers opt for over-ear headphones because they do not allow external sounds to get into the gaming environment. Nonetheless, some gamers may choose over-ear headphones due to the reduced pressure. The best models are Sennheiser HD 4.40 Best or Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.

The most surprising deal comes when choosing wireless or noise-canceling headphones, and even headphones with a microphone which can cost less than $100 or 50. Here is a list of the best-upgraded models, which even include the best gaming headset under 50:

  • Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming headset fairly falls into the category of the Best Gaming Headphones with Microphone. The design of the headphones will inspire the true gamer, while the quality microphone will provide clear voice sound.
  • Skullcandy Riff is the best gaming headset under 50, which is wireless and on-ear. The headphones are cheap and have an unusual design. However, while being wireless, the headphones use Micro-USB charging instead of USB-C.
  • The best noise-canceling model under 50 is TaoTronics TT-BH085. The headphones are wireless, and if compared to the previously mentioned wireless Skullcandy Riff model, give its owner 40 hours of wireless listening to music instead of 20.

Choosing the Best Keyboard Under 100$

The variety of keyboards is overwhelming and far vaster than the headphones types. It is easy to get lost in the keyboard categories, but simplifying the most in-demand keyboard features in the gaming industry can make the quest of buying a keyboard less challenging.

Here is the list of the best keyboards under 100 for a gamer:

  1. Wireless keyboards. The latter are amazingly popular among modern gamers due to their high portability that allows a gamer to play without leaving their comfort zone. Check for Obinslab Anne Pro 2 or Corsair K63.
  2. Membrane keyboards. This type is popular both among office workers and gamers. In comparison to mechanical keyboards, the membrane type ensures quiet sound due to its softer keys. Such membrane keyboards like Razer Cynosa V2 may be handy for gamers who enjoy working or playing with low-pressure, low-noise keyboards.
  3. Mechanical keyboards. Unfortunately, this type of keyboard does not allow the player to use the keys in the quietest way, as the membrane keyboards do. However, some mechanical keyboards come in the original design. Check out Razer Blackwidow Lite Stormtrooper Edition to make a fan of Star Wars happy.
  4. Ergonomic keyboards. These are the most interesting keyboards. They present the buyer with a unique convenient design that considers human anatomy. For instance, Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (5KV-00001) has an ‘angled’ design, which follows the shape of human hands and allows the gamer to access the keys faster.

Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse Under 100$

The mouse is often the most important element in the gaming equipment, and the trickiest, too. Before choosing a mouse, it is advisable to know the games, which the player prefers. Here is the list of the mouse models under 100:

  1. Wireless mouse. The latter, like Logitech MX Master 3, is the top model since it allows the player the greatest range of movement possible in combat or quests with a lot of running, jumping, and turning.
  2. Mouse with multiple buttons. Such mouses are a top must for MMO or MOBA games. Fortunately, they do not cost much and have powerful sensors. Check for the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.
  3. Ergonomic mouses. Like ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mouses provide the player with a design that follows the structure of their hand. One of the best ergonomic mouses is Anker 2.4 G, which is also a wireless model.

Final Advice

It is easy to get lost in the world of games and gaming equipment. Moreover, gamers can be picky creatures when it comes to finding the most suitable gaming gear. Therefore, the best advice for those who are on the path of finding the best gift for their beloved gamer is to ask the latter first.

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