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7 Reasons Why Your Next Data Warehouse Should Be in the Cloud Now

13 Mar 2021 Developer News
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Before introducing Cloud storage, most businesses depended on their computers, hard drives, and physical files to store their data. These old-fashioned data warehouses got attacked by viruses, fire, and other destructions, making many companies lose crucial data. Losing data is one of the worst headaches for a company or individual. You will get stranded on moving on, and sometimes you get worried about where this data will land. Things have changed for the better. We now have Cloud Storage, where businesses and individuals can effectively store their data. With cloud storage, data is stored in logical pools, known as clouds. Here is why you should migrate to Cloud Storage now.

1.Reduced Costs

Running a data center in your company is so costly. You will need to buy the cabinets, computers, hard drives, antiviruses and hire employees to manage the data. You don't have to continue with these installations and hire technicians to manage the equipment and the data. The blog The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration mentions that with cloud storage, you only pay for the storage and other services rendered, making the whole idea cost-effective. In cloud storage, you will meet service providers who will offer you cloud storage services depending on your needs. The cost will also depend on the storage size, features, time, users, and memory space. You will choose a package that corresponds with your budget.


Gone are the days when you developed an instant headache when thinking of transferring your data center to a new location. With Cloud storage, you can move smoothly or access your data anytime and anywhere, provided there is an internet connection. You and your employees will access the data provided they have the link and the right access to do so. Cloud storage has become much essential in this coronavirus pandemic where individuals are working remotely. It has enabled company employees to access data while working from home with little or no effort. Employees will also complete their tasks at home or in the fields and submit reports in real-time. With cloud storage, companies have reduced working spaces since most office employees are now working at home. It has also enabled company managers to access situations and monitor operations remotely, thus reducing operations costs. You only need reliable internet to access all these.


Traditionally, you will think of the space, additional computers, and storage cabinets for your data when you want to upscale your company. You also required having more space for the employees. This was expensive and inconvenient in many ways. This capital could do other essential things, including marketing and providing better services to the clients. With cloud storage, this situation is taken care of. The storage accommodates a company's scalability without buying more machines and creating more space for the data. You only need to ask for additional storage space or other cloud features whenever you want to grow your company. It doesn't affect what's existing, and you don't need to hire extra employees for this. The upgrade is also done within minutes after requesting the service provider.

4.No Need for Backups

With a traditional computing system, you needed to have backups for your data if the computers crashed. Here, you could find flash drives, hard disks, compact disks, and other storage equipment acting as backups. When a disaster strikes, including fire, floods, or adverse weather conditions, companies end up losing their data both in computers and backups. It was a devastating situation. With cloud storage, there are no backups. Your data is safe and secured in the Cloud, where nothing will destroy it. Your company equipment might get damaged or destroyed, but the data in the Cloud will still be as intact as you last saved it. Some companies also use cloud storage as the primary backup for data in their computers.

5.Data Security

These days, due to rising technology use, there are more threats to data than before. Companies are losing their data to scammers, cyber-attacks, and viruses. Your data will be safer in the clouds than the physical data centers and servers. Regardless of whether your computer is attacked, stolen, or wiped, your will have your data secured in the clouds. You only lose your data in the Cloud when you delete or move it. It's difficult for scammers and cyber attackers to access what's stored on Cloud since it's hard to breach these platforms' security. Every user gets assured of the data security, and the service providers take responsibility for any misfortune, which hardly comes by.

6.There are a Range of Options

There are many options in cloud storage. These include the IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. All these groups are further subdivided into other tiny groups, which you can choose in storing your data. For example, if you need cloud space for your software, you will have hundreds of different service provider options to choose from. You only need to choose the best provider who has the best services that will satisfy your needs. You can't compare this range of options to the previous storage options, where everything got stored in the same computer or server.

7.Improved Collaboration

In most businesses, the management always tries to improve the individual and the team's performance. With the previous computer storage, employees couldn't perform better since they had to share data from one computer or storage device. Such made business processes to be slow and tiresome. Cloud storage comes in handy into this and provides better ways of collaborating in workplaces. Employees can easily share data through the Cloud, complete projects remotely, and share them in real-time with other team members. This situation eliminates redundancy and repeating of tasks, including data entry.

The above are some of the reasons you need to upgrade to cloud storage right away. There might be more benefits, but the above carry more weight, making companies switch to cloud storage. You have to find the right service provider and start enjoying the highlighted benefits. How do you find the right service providers? Look for recommendations, check on reviews, and test their services.

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