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How Technological Progress Affects Modern Relationships

15 Mar 2021 Developer News
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The past year or so has been difficult, with people getting used to social distancing, and working or studying from home. The unseen effect of the pandemic has been its impact on mental health, leaving people feeling isolated – especially singles who might have been searching for a partner before lockdown. With traditional socializing outlets closed, individuals are being tempted to sign up to a dating site, taking advantage of everything from matchmaking algorithms to video chatting. Here are some of the many ways technological advances are steering the course of relationships in the modern age according to consultants from Beyondthecharter dating review platform.


Anyone who completes the registration process to join an online matching resource is taking advantage of a raft of technology, whether they are initially aware of this or not. When you complete the application form, the details you input will be harvested by software running in the background. In-built algorithms will compare the information you’ve relating to your aspirations and tastes, then sift through the database of other site users, flagging up profiles that seem to be most compatible.


Since the first dating services were launched in the mid-1990s, these platforms have evolved into some of the most frequently searched-for Internet outlets. In offline dating, singles are restricted to a pool of potential partners dependent on whoever happens to be sharing the same locations at that time. The technology of digital dating has evolved in diverse directions. If your sole aim is to connect with like-minded individuals for ‘no strings attached’ liaisons, websites will find you matched according to geo-location. A map will reveal the proximity of other members in real-time.

24/7 communication

Where online dating has become so beneficial for modern relationships is in the scope for keeping in touch with other site users. Whether you are more comfortable with texting, emailing, phone conversations, or web chatting, whatever channel you prefer will be open to you, at any time of day. As singles are finding out about each other’s backgrounds, they could be doing so while they are commuting to work or study. Having a prospective partner available, literally at your fingertips, can make it so much easier to break the ice and begin forming a strong bond.

Taking control

When people sign up for a dating service, they are instantly in control of how their relationship is going to pan out. Modern websites are designed to put all the power in the hands of the person who is most important in any dating scenario – you, the user! Websites have advanced to the stage that many will harness artificial intelligence – algorithms that have developed way beyond simply matching you to compatible individuals. Now they are far more proactive, gaining an impression of your lifestyle and aspirations based on analyzing your site activity, offering suggestions tailored to your requirements.

Online communities

As dating apps have progressed, they have done so alongside other aspects of social media. If you are tech-savvy enough to have signed up for a matching service, there is every likelihood you are also a regular user of other online platforms. Websites and apps are increasingly designed to be streamlined and flexible, the icons sitting neatly on the home-screen of your smart device of choice alongside your Instagram or Facebook, giving you ready access whenever it suits you.

Technological innovations

The most exciting aspect of all is the anticipation of what lies around the corner. More and more sites are rolling out Virtual Reality connectivity, either as video content, or where users are interacting. Instead of two-dimensional meetings via screens, you could connect in ultra-realistic vistas. As sensory software is introduced, dating is set to become a truly immersive experience.

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