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Casinos: The History

15 Mar 2021 Developer News
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When we take a look at the word ‘casino,’ what do we picture? Typically, we will imagine men and women in expensive clothes, rolling out the dice, or thinking deeply about their next moves. Yes, this is a very common picture, except for online casinos like Rocketplay Australia.

However, have we ever bothered to think about how this world came into existence? How did brick-and-mortar casinos turn into online gambling platforms? In this article, we will be delving into these questions based on the rich history of casinos.

Gambling and casinos: The beginning

While it is not possible to pinpoint when gambling exactly took place for the first time, ancient historians have to say that gambling was very common in affluent ancient societies. The first records of gambling stems back to 2000 BC in ancient China, Greece, and Rome. While the idea and tendency behind this action cannot be determined, it is safe to say that gambling has been a popular timepass for our ancestors.

The first casino

The first casino was erected in Italy in 1638. Established in Venice, the casino was named Casino di Venezia and is still operational to this date. After the success of this casino, another casino by the name Ridotto was opened in Venice; meaning ‘private room’, this casino offered a safe haven for gamblers who wanted to indulge in some betting during the carnivals.

Casinos in the US

Gambling was termed illegal in the US for the first half of the 20th century. However, new gambling laws made the activity legal and Nevada was the first state to host casinos in 1931. The rest is history – the city of Las Vegas today is known to be the hub of the best casinos in the world. Interestingly, the highest number of gamblers from the US comes from Atlantic City.

Casinos in Europe

The origins of casinos in Europe can be traced back to the English who invented a similar version of the game of dice, known as the ‘hazard’ game. France was not too behind and known to be one of the pioneers in the world of gambling – Napoleon was a big fan of 21 or today known as blackjack! France is also known to have invented the game called roulette.

How did the casino get its name?

The word ‘casino’ is derived from its Italian roots. Its meaning is a building that houses all types of fun activities like gambling, music, dancing, etc. In the case of Spanish and German, casino directly translates to confusion.

Evolution of Casinos

Thanks to the huge developments in the fields of the Internet and technology, the modern gambling business also tried to exploit the new technology. As a result, we have online casinos now where you can indulge all your gambling needs without having to leave your bed or sofa. Apart from the comfort factor, online casinos also provide various bonuses and games.

Of course, there is no beating the environment of a land-based casino – the excited people, the sheer number of games, the overall feeling, etc. However, most people cannot visit these casinos for a wide range of reasons like money, distance, time, etc. Hence, online casinos are their savior. With modern smartphones, you can play almost every type of casino game you see online!

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