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CS:GO in the eSports Industry: An Alternative to Other Casino Games in 2021?

22 Mar 2021 Developer News
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Developed by Valve Corporation in conjunction with Hidden Path Entertainment, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also popularly known as CS:GO, has been gamers’ favourite for quite a long way. There have been more game variations by Counter-Strike, with its earliest variation developed in 2000.

While you can place bets on this eSports game on Vulkanbet, let's see what sets this game above other games churned out by casinos daily. Want to go pro at CS:GO? Read on to find out how.

Why CS:GO Is so Popular

There are so many reasons why CS:GO is so popular. While some players play this game for fun, others play to win real money. Regardless of what path you decide to take, here are some reasons why CS:GO is one of the most popular eSports games currently despite being in the scene for so long:

Exciting Gameplay

CS:GO features a deathmatch just like other FPS games. At these other games, deathmatches are usually played for a set time, scores, and objectives. When all these targets are fulfilled, gameplay tends to get a tad bit boring as you're constantly running around killing people before you're killed.

In CS:GO, this narrative changes as it features a fun and competitive 5-aside tournament. Here, when you're dead, there's no respawn that brings you back. As a result, the gameplay is exciting and suspense-filled, and this gives room for strategic planning within the team to win.

Asides from deathmatches, CS:GO offers lots of mind-blowing tournaments that are sure to tickle your fancy.


Usually, most eSports games make use of the ranking system. The equal rank system is one feature that's absent in most FPS games. In most games, higher ranks translate into more guns and attachments added to your itinerary. All these give players a slight edge over others with similar skill sets due to ranking.

In CS:GO, this isn't the case as the ranking system is uniform all across the board. Here, everyone has unfettered access to any weapon of their choosing. That said, CS:GO relies on pure skill to level up rather than numerous ammunition. 

Top-notch Game Design

The game design on show here is stellar, and as a result, players in the eSports sphere are trooping in to have a feel. First off, body movement isn't awful compared to other FPS games in its class. 

The maps are based on players you team up with, ensuring that you keep everything in perspective. On CS:GO, you don't need any major training to make kills as they're "easy peasy", as long as you're armed with the basic principles surrounding the game.

Overall, CS:GO is a success in all ramifications, and it's little wonder why it has managed to become one of the top games in the eSport industry.

Steps to Starting a Pro Career in CS:GO

Either you want to take a career at some free slot machine games without downloading and registration, or you want to dive into the eSports world, you'll need a plan.

However, if you'd like to be like players on the Gambit Gaming CS:GO platform, the following steps are sure to come in handy.

1 Harness your skills. Well, to become a pro in any chosen field, eSports inclusive, harnessing your skills is the first step to take. Interested in joining a team like Gambit eSports? You'll need to show that you have what it takes.How do you accomplish this goal? It's pretty straightforward. For CS:GO, practice makes perfect, and you'll need lots of sessions. You must seek out all your weaknesses and look for ways you can overcome them in the long run. While being consistent is a criterion, make sure you take breaks in-between to avoid burnout.

2 Set-up the game to accentuate your needs. As you play CS:GO, you might find some aspects in the game that don't suit your playing style as you progress. So, first off, you'll need to play around the gaming settings to change some options bordering on launch controls and command prompts. The main goal here is to eke out the perfect gaming conditions that accentuate all your needs and requirements, not making changes constantly.

3.Take tips from the best. Although reading guides and watching YouTube tutorials can help you through gameplay, learning from the best is crucial. Endeavour to watch eSports tournaments and absorb the different maneuvers players take to overcome obstacles.Here, it's important to diversify. For context, watch different eSports teams to learn all fronts of strategy that's sure to help you during gameplay. And that's not all. Pay close attention to comments and analytics after each event to have an infallible foundation on CS:GO. Another point to note here is that being too hard on yourself isn't going to work wonders. Although you might be critical of yourself at some point, remember that everyone's unique, and so are you. 

4. Get social. To become a pro, you'll need to get social, and to get social, understanding the role of social media apps in publicity in today's world is key. Start by creating a Twitter or Instagram account. When you're done, start interacting with other professional CS:GO players bordering on your successes, if any. However, if you're new to the scene, don't expect to accumulate millions of fans on the second day upon account creation. Give it time, and as you build a reputation, the fans will come in no distant time. Keep your social media accounts professional, as you're just a scandal away from ruining all you've worked for.

5 Livestream your games. To become a pro, people have to see and rate your gameplay. How do you accomplish this? By streaming your gaming sessions. If you're doing well, you'll be on the radar of the best eSports teams worldwide.

6. Monetize CS:GO. This step is crucial. Although you might be having fun while playing CS:GO, you'll need to monetize it at some point. However, it doesn't come easy as buying top equipment and time investment are essential requirements. A proven way to monetize CS:GO is through YouTube. Apart from being a social media platform, activating advertisements on your channel is sure to give you some good money. Monetizing is vital as this step sets the amateurs from the professional players.

7. Find a team. The popular saying that goes "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" rings true here. To participate in mind-blowing cash tournaments, you'll need to find a team. To win at events, finding people you've played with time and again is crucial. Why? Because you'll need the perfect harmony to even get to the final stages of events, and if you're looking to go all the way, finding the right teammates is non-negotiable.


CS:GO is popular, and rightfully so. Gaining traction in the eSports world, knowing the basics is all you need to win, unlike other FPS games out there.

Looking to set bets on this sport type? Apart from online slots free games, you can place bets via the Vulcan Betting CS:GO online casino platform. Although you're not in charge of gameplay here, getting the desired result can earn you lots of real money.

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