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10 legal apps every lawyer needs to know

23 Mar 2021 Developer News
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Legal apps


Gone are the days when legal practitioners relied on typewriters as the main document processor. No profound storage provision, no place for review, neither were there reliable means of securing sensitive materials. All of that changed in the twenty-first century. With modern technologies such as machine learning, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and automation, lawyers can now carry out legal transactions as smoothly as possible. These tools are not only useful for document management, research purposes, or word processing. They are also designed to transform how lawyers handle financial transactions, book-keeping, and lots more. If you are not familiar with them yet, you can pick from our list of the best ten legal apps for every lawyer.

1.   PracticePanther

Competent lawyers always choose this app as their one-stop-shop for every process automation. It handles multiple phases of the day-to-day activities in a legal enterprise. The app boasts thousands of subscribers across 170 countries globally, many of which have testified its efficiency. It is best to collect and process financial data needed for auditing financial figures per minute/hour. Similarly, its file management portfolio will index and store your case files for easy retrieval. Its users are less worried about losing sensitive data since they are secured by a client portal that ensures overall security. Coupled with a web-based research tool like Lawcator- where you can retrieve US case laws and regulations, it’s one of the best all-in-one apps for lawyers in small and medium enterprises.

2.   Ross Intelligence

As the name implies, Ross Intelligence is backed by Artificial Intelligence. What does it do? Well, on days when you are too tired to research or prepare an urgently needed litigation, this silicon-valley-funded technology will help you design a solid legal document with its question-based machine learning algorithm. All you need to do is dictate your inquiries in the most preferred language; Ross Intelligence will source legal documents with similar content as your inquiry. Thus, you can quickly pull up resources and data needed to design perfect legal documents.

3.   Courtdays

This app is best for lawyers who have a large number of cases at their desks. If you fall in this category, time management is crucial. Thus, you can use the calendar management tool to digitally schedule several court appointments and set reminders accordingly.

4.   Bill4Time

You would agree that analyzing financial data can be quite daunting; an error could set you back a thousand bucks. With Bill4Time, you get a digital assistant dedicated to your financial health. The app has a very simple interface where you can track working hours and billing, and also generate accurate accounting invoices.

5.   Luminance

In the legal profession, accuracy is extremely important. Luminance is an AI-powered legal proofreader built to reinforce efficiency. Its pattern-recognition software helps lawyers and attorneys alike to automatically detect irregularities in data. It is natural to overuse words, omit pages, overlook vital texts. However, Luminance ensures lawyers are not defeated by human nature.

6.   Primafact

Primafact is considered the best litigation document management software that guarantees law firm efficiency. Not only does it help solo practitioners research better, but it is also great for processing documents in any format. Imagine you have a legal document in print, and you wish to make edits directly on it. You can use Primafact’s OCR tool to scan multiple pages from such a paper and convert them to the desired format. Now, this is not the typical OCR tool. Primafact is explicitly designed to recognize legal terms. Therefore, inconsistency is never a source of worry.

7.   Fastcase

Commonly used by paralegal practitioners, Fastcase can prove instrumental to lawyers as well. It is a mobile app where you can quickly access a library of state and federal laws at your fingertips.

8.   Evernote

Evernote is a great note-taking tool common among freelance writers. For lawyers, recording legal data can be a whole new experience with this tool. Mobile-based, it works well with your device’s camera and storage for taking and directly editing snapshots. More so, you can collaborate with team members on it if you have to work on a single document seamlessly.

9.   Burton’s Legal Thesaurus

This app allows you to carry the entire domain of legal terms in your pocket. Coupled with an intelligent word processing tool like Evernote, this thesaurus is best for working on-the-go. It is excellent for drafting memos, composing correspondence, or whatnot.

10. Signmypad

Lastly, Signmypad works just as its name implies. Essentially, it disrupts the old-school method of taking signatures. Now, lawyers can load their signatures on mobile devices and append them digitally on any document—a simple yet essential tool for any modern legal enterprise.

Smart lawyers are those who optimize everyday activities using digital tools. From simple to complex, there is mobile or desktop software to help every lawyer. Choose from any of our top ten best apps and enjoy a whole new working experience.

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