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10 Mobile App Marketing Tips: How to Increase Your Application Downloads

31 Mar 2021 Developer News
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There are plenty of apps in digital stores, while the developers continue to offer more and more products. There was an app rush for some time, and now, to earn money on mobile apps, one should fight for new users and show why their app is better.

A successful app promotion depends on many things. Before all, the mobile app marketing funnel involves the stages of awareness, consideration, conversion and retention. The first two contemplate getting your app into the sight of users and becoming an object of interest. At this stage, mobile app marketing insights can make a difference.

Making Your App Visible

How do you prove that your mobile app is unique and worth a customer's attention? A robust mobile app marketing strategy is what you probably need. Yet, it is not as simple as one may think.

There is no universal mobile app marketing tactic, as apps are different. Simultaneously, there are some effective methods for getting the attention of the new users. They are applicable at different stages of the funnel and can contribute to raising awareness and conversion.

Create a blog

Producing a blog in addition to a landing page can increase your engagement with the audience and add to your recognition. First of all, there are around 2.7 million apps in Google Play and 1,8 million in the App Store. How to prove your app is exceptional? Use content. Write about it! Besides, content can help you to answer the needs of the audience. You can start from the explanatory articles on the work of the app and its functions. Still, make it convenient and smooth for mobile phones.

At the same time, one can identify the value for the customer and add a piece to the app's utility. For instance, if it is a blog of a fitness app, you can show write about improving the running, hiking or workout experience.

Don't forget about SEO

Having a blog is an excellent way to improve the rankings of your app's ranking in Google. Just make sure that you target specific keywords. All you need is to research the keywords and design quality text to meet the SEO team's requirements. Also, some links can enhance getting into the first position.

For instance, you have a cooking app to promulgate. In this regard, you can target specific keywords related to "best cooking apps". However, you may pick more narrow search requests like "cooking time app" or "spaghetti recipes app" to enhance the conversion rate. Everything depends on the niche and your customers.

Master your PR: Pitch and email

There is always such a mobile app marketing tactic as public relations. Newspapers and media switched to a digital format. Nevertheless, a quality press release can still give you the necessary coverage on the web. What can one do? Firstly, look for the tech media covering your niche. Then, get emails from journalists or bloggers of the targeted websites or media. In this regard, you should check if email is valid (One can use an email verifier service for convenience, is worth your attention ).

After it, design a proper pitch with all the necessary elements. They include an app name, subject line, summary, description screenshots, pricing . Make it enjoyable and decent; the correct pitches are not written in one day.

Provide reminders about an app

If you have already convinced a user to try your app, your next task is to make sure they will continue to use it. How to do so? Well, there are several ways. One of them is via mobile notifications. Yes, the user may turn them off. However, if they leave it on, there is a chance to get them back to the app. Consider some inspiring or action-provoking messages to appear in push notifications. If they are catchy enough and answer the needs of the user, they can revisit the app. What's the deal here? They are likely to prolong the subscription.

Besides, there is always a way to remind new users and monthly users about news and the latest offers via email marketing. To succeed in it, one may design a good subject line, personalize the message and reflect the customer's needs.

Add some videos

Nowadays, video and clips are essential for engaging the audience. For instance, more than 90% of clients underline that videos impact their buying. In this regard, an app marketer should consider the correct type of video. If you are launching your app, the promo videos can improve the engagement and click rate. Under this option, you should identify the groups, their interests and hobbies and promote the video that would be interesting to them. If it is a gaming app, the process of play or gameplay with the call to action can trigger the downloads.

Moreover, a demo video on social media or the app landing page can be another solution. How can it help? The user is likely to see what the product is about, define the advantages and make a choice. If the demo proves to be efficient and answers the customer's needs, they are likely to click the "install" button. 

Level up your social media

You probably know that social media is a must for almost any business. A typical mobile app marketing strategy involves targeting within the media. However, having an ad clip as the primary strategy may not be enough. Try to support it with the social media account where you put more detail about your app. Why not show more of its features?

Besides, one can use social media for interaction with the audience. Let's take some quizzes or contests, for example. You can provide some promo codes to the winner or free subscription; in exchange, you are likely to get some emails and feedback. The first can improve your database in terms of email marketing. Simultaneously, comments and reactions are the way to get mobile app marketing insights.

Collaborate with influencers

Knowing your audience and whom they consider an authority creates room for collaboration. Since your product is good enough and accepted by the influentials, you can advertise your app with them. For instance, there is a fitness trainer who has thousands of followers while your app is ready. If you are agreed to sponsored publication, the trainer's post advertising your app can bring you some downloads in the short term.

Pay attention to ASO

The particular advice is to consider the App Store Optimization as well. Why? Based on the keywords and description of the app in the store, the algorithm determines the ranking of the app when searched. It is similar to SEO but within the Store. Thus, one should provide a clear understanding of what the product is about and show its relevance.

Work on You Apps' Reviews

Reviews are the face of your app. Users always compare similar products before they decide to buy one of them. Thus, try to get more reviews of the app and get listed on the review sites. At the same time, encourage the users to evaluate the product in app stores by offering app promotions and bonuses. In this regard, it is better to respond to all of the reviews, not only negative ones. The reaction to the reviews means that you appreciate your customers.

Make your app appealing: Design and visuals

Lastly, if you want your app to succeed, a pleasant and minimalist design may be required. Visuals affect perception. Thus, do some tests and experiments. The focus group method may significantly contribute to picking the right style for the app. The better it is perceived by your target audience, the greater the marketing outcomes would be.

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Alona Shalieieva

I have been a Customer Support Representative for email finder software for several years. Being a tech expert, I am fond of helping customers resolve their issues. Along with that, I improved my skills as a tech writer. I am skilled in email marketing and lead generation niche and can explain in simple words any complex topic.

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