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4 Benefits Of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

05 Apr 2021 Developer News
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There are a number of misconceptions about how VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol works. This is usually rooted from not really knowing what it does and what it can do for you. The features and benefits you can gain from a VoIP will be clear to any big or small business owner.

To start, you should know a little bit about VoIP and how it could give you a competitive edge in your business. In simple terms, utilize the Internet connection you love, and strengthen your ability to call with VoIP. It can use an old-fashioned analog computer and transform sound into digital packets, sending it across the Internet to the person you want to contact.

But, how does this help you, specifically. Old-fashioned calls are not just becoming cheaper because of VoIP. There are more benefits one can enjoy. As a business owner, you want to know how you can leverage this technology for your business. If you want to know all the benefits and advantages, just read on and educate yourself to help you and your business grow.

1 Cost-Efficient

The cost of a traditional landline is, in fact, the reason to use lines to send your voice to and from a person. The farther the person you need to call, the longer your voice has to travel. With a landline, that would mean long distance calls; hence, it would cost you more money. Not to mention if the person you’re calling doesn’t have a phone line, contacting them would require using a private line, which you’d have to pay extra for.

You won't have to deal with that if you use a VoIP, as it uses the Internet to transmit the data, reducing the cost. So long as your targets have phones, your VoIP network can reach them.

Take the United States for example. Businesses normally have to deal with inter-state negotiations and communications. A business VoIP system can help you with this for free.

Large companies seldom use multiple vendors to provide different features to cater to a wide variety of telecommunication needs. Some would hire one company as a conference call provider and another for a long-distance call provider.

You won't have to with a VoIP, as it provides both, cutting the cost of having to hire two companies. This saves you a lot of money and the headache of dealing with multiple companies.

2 Mobility and efficiency

A VoIP network would mean that you’ll be assigned a permanent number by the company. This means the same number will be used to contact you whatever device you might be using at the moment. No need to attach some special hardware to your devices. Simply set your devices up to accept your VoIP calls.

This means that wherever you may be or whatever you might be doing, so long as there’s Internet connection, you can be contacted by the company or your clients with no problem. This is especially handy for business owners who are on the road most of their days. Not to mention during emergencies, you’ll not be under the mercy of a telephone line’s availability. There's no need to give your personal number or an alternate one to your clients or workmates.

Every call can be streamlined to your device or devices. A VoIP system can give you options and features to ensure that every call reaches you. You can set it up beforehand; there are options on how or where you receive your calls. You could let it ring first at your office at work then if no one picks up, it rings at your home office. You can even string that feature to up to three devices. Maybe to your mobile phone or to that of your secretary. In fact, if your business is located in multiple locations around the world, you can set it up so that it’ll start ringing in Tokyo then end in New York.

3 Strengthen Company Image

A VoIP offers many automated features. Eliminating a need for a receptionist, VoIP offers a virtual attendant to forward your calls, allowing small business owners to sound or look larger. You can leverage VoIP to help your business grow into the direction it needs to.

What’s more is that you can use your iPhone to download or install VoIP apps to make calls and text messaging cheaper even when you’re outside the state you’re targeting. In fact, some businesses use VoIP to ensure a small-scale image, allowing consumers to feel that the company is more approachable compared with its larger-than-life image. A VoIP provider can give you a phone number with an area code of any state. It won't matter if your company is based in New York or California. You can easily assign a phone number with a Texas or Hawaii area code to give your consumers the perception that you’re local. Make your company more accessible and approachable to your customers.

4 Voice Clarity

The old issue with a VoIP network or system can usually be found in the voice quality or clarity. This is because, a good few years ago, fast Internet speeds were rare or sometimes unreliable. With great advances in technology, Internet speeds have gone up. Fibre and broadband have gotten stronger, not to mention the rise of 4g ang 5g mobile data, along with better hardware to ensure reliability across the board.

The strong Internet connections of the modern era erases latency issues and minimizes issues with calls, particularly if you utilize the QoS feature VoIP providers offer and the QoS or Quality of Service feature. You can manage the bandwidth of your VoIP network. Within the QoS, you must prioritize VoIP bandwidth to ensure that priority is given to VoIP connections. Your call will ensure connection despite whatever your co-workers might be doing.


If you have reservations about VoIP before you read this article, that’s understandable. Sometimes it’s only a matter of informing yourself, making yourself better equipped for your business.

Now that you have the information, it's time for you to use it and make your business grow. Realistically, Internet speed could be the weakness of a VoIP connection. But, as mentioned in this article, Internet speed is only getting better. As it gets better year after year, you have to establish a business that leverages the benefits of VoIP today. The cost-effective benefits alone should convince you to look for a VoIP provider. You and your business can grow with VoIP as its partner.


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