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10 Agricultural Apps for Successful Farming in 2021

15 Apr 2021 Developer News
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As technology is becoming an inseparable part of modern agriculture, more and more farmers are constantly searching for new tech solutions to boost their farm productivity. Among the variety of online agricultural tools designed for different purposes, we have made up a list of best farming apps in 2021 for those who want to experience the power of tech innovations on their farm.

Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring platform by EOSDA utilizes on-the-fly satellite imagery analysis, offering users invaluable data on all their fields on one screen. The product’s features include:

  • Monitoring of fields based on vegetation indices analysis (NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, RECI, and NDMI)
  • Zoning of fields for easy identification of field’s most and least productive areas (for VRA approach implementation, including in   fertigation systems)
  • Weather data (historical, current, and 14-days forecast)
  • Field leaderboard where users can see all their fields sorted out by changes in NDVI values
  • Field activity log where users can easily keep track of different activities performed or planned on all fields
  • Data Manager that allows users to upload data on performed field activities right from the vehicle to Crop Monitoring for further analysis

ID Weeds

This tool was created by the University of Missouri for weeds identification. ID Weeds allows growers to search for weeds by their name, access a list of weeds, and recognize weeds based on different characteristics. The user lists the characteristics that describe the weed, and the app offers a “list of suspects” in return, analyzing which types of weed match the most of the inputted characteristics.


This tool connects farmers and advisors via mobile video customer service. Growers can reach different advisors from various companies to submit and receive support via video in real-time. AgriSync has a dashboard and remote video features to enable advisors to conveniently manage multiple farmers while seeing what the farmer sees in real-time.

Users can:

  • Invite their network of farmers and advisors
  • Connect each other through video to resolve issues in real-time
  • Request support


This tool enables easy and convenient records and bills access and management. In Agronote, farmers can create and keep records on their revenue, expenses, livestock, and machinery procedures.

Key possibilities include:

  • Convenient storage and analysis of records (exporting to PDF file)
  • Easy sources of income identification
  • Plans testing and analysis
  • Thinking through your next season farming business plans
  • Maintaining chemical and expandable usage
  • Preventing issues and saving budget while maintaining sustainable agriculture principles


Totheshelf is an app designed to connect customers who want to purchase the best farming products directly from the producer. Buyers can easily access detailed records of farmers and their products in the nearest area.

The app allows for:

  • Reaching local farmers, dairy producers, and wholesalers
  • Searching for needed items
  • Selling or purchasing items
  • Contacting the seller or buyer directly

Used Farm Equipment

This app enables farmers to search for used farm equipment and agricultural vehicles in a convenient way. The search criteria includes: location, equipment category, brand name, manufacturer, price range, and more. Users can search for used tractors, combines, different attachments, livestock equipment, chemical applicators and sprayers, planting and harvesting equipment, etc.

The possibilities include:

  • Searching for vehicles and equipment by different criteria
  • Finding and sorting items located in your area
  • Accessing full-size photos of listings
  • Saving listings and searches for future reference
  • Contacting the seller directly
  • Mapping locations to a dealer or listing

Soil Web

This tool enables users to find information on soil type for their farms and fields in a convenient way. Thanks to the embedded GPS system, SoilWeb instantaneously provides a farmer with soil information on the exact soil the user is standing on. All you have to do is click on “Get Soil Data”. The tool can also help a farmer determine if the soil is fit for planting, including the type of crops that will perform the best there.


This app is a communication network that connects agricultural producers and companies. Its users are agricultural advisors, retailers, manufacturers, growers, seed dealers, and service providers. Cropstream enables farmers to share information with other growers, advisors, agronomists, etc. with the aim to enhance communications between them. The tool also depicts posted crop traits on a map for crop registry purposes.


This app is an online marketplace that connects agricultural producers and buyers. It currently features 7,000 agriculture products for selling and purchasing. The users can search for the right items in the quantities they need. They can request quotes from multiple dealers, set delivery deadlines, customize requests by crop, select rate per acre, and more.

SupPlant DSS

This mobile app enables farmers to monitor their crops remotely, control the water budget, and receive notifications on extreme weather conditions in their area. The system utilizes artificial intelligence, agronomic algorithms, sensors, and cloud-based technology to assist growers in increasing crop yield and reducing water usage.

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