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Beast magnet review

19 Apr 2021 Developer News
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During the various lockdowns, I took on fishing as a hobby with some buddies. After a particular magnet fishing session one of my fishing buddies showed me one of the many many YouTube videos of someone fishing with magnets. It looked so dope all, that I had to know more about this special and unique way of treasure hunting. I was immediately hooked (pun intended) and intrigued by the concept of magnet fishing.

So when I got home that day, I dove right into the world of magnet fishing. During my research I came across Magnetar and their products. And couldn’t wait to try fishing with a good magnet myself. I ordered before 23:00 and got my magnet and accessories the day after!

Why would you choose for the Beast Magnet?

For obvious reasons the Beast Magnet caught my eye. So I got gloves, a grapplehook that seemed handy to help lift up the bigger stuff you find, 2 ropes and the BEAST magnet. Let me tell you it is worth every dime.
The feeling of the Beast locking on It is prey sort a speak, is a thrill every time. I have tried some bodies of water in my vicinity and found old and new coins, a lot of beer caps fishing hooks and lures some of them were even right to be used for regular fishing. And once in a while the odd bicycle. Even found a old broken off anchor you will be amazed what you will find in rivers, canals and lakes it is truly an adventure every time I use the Magnet.

The Beast magnet has an insane pull force

The insane pull force of this magnet is indeed beastly doing amazing justice to the name the BEAST!
So I would like to caution (future) fellow Magnet Fishers for the following:
If you have kids keep them away, from the Beast just to make sure they do not hurt themselves because of the metal objects it may attract or damage your own or other people’s property.
When you use the magnet yourself, be aware of the fact you are using a very strong magnet which is not a kids toy and keep it away from other metal objects (unless you are fishing off course

) and your electronics. That last part is just because I searched on the internet how strong a magnet needs to be, to potentially cause damage to electronics and only magnets with a pull force of 450pounds and up can do that. Well, the Beast magnet has a pull force of 1400KG so 3086.47 pounds which is so powerful it is ridiculous but so awesome and effective for fishing.

I also strongly recommend to get a cover to minimize risk of damaging this amazing magnet, making sure you can enjoy using it as long as possible.
You will be amazed by the weird stuff you will find. I also found that I was lucky finding Magnetar straight away and buying a very good magnet right away. The friend that showed me the YouTube video actually bought a different magnet elsewhere and was surprised when he tried the Beast when we went fishing together. It was so much more effective.
There are a lot of magnets that only have 1 surface that is magnetic but the Beast is completely magnetic which takes some getting used to if you are used to the one surface only.

Conclusion of the Beast magnet review

To conclude this monster, this utter Beast of a magnet will give you hours and hours of fun and a proper workout too, if you catch something big or something that is stuck at the bottom. Try to fish with more people to add to the fun but also to help out with lifting your findings that are stuck in the muddy bottoms of the waters you are hunting in.

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