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What to do if your hard drive or computer makes a grinding sound?

19 Apr 2021 Developer News
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Are you tired of hearing the troublesome sound that your hard drive makes? That grinding and squealing noise produced by the hard drive might be a warning sign that your hard drive has a few days left to function properly. The otherwise silent hard drive, when starts to create such frustrating sound indicates that there is something severe happening inside like a serious internal damage of the hard drive.

There is then an urgent need to get your computer or laptop checked by an expert as soon as you first notice it to prevent future data loss. There is a high risk that hard drive recovery might be the outcome if you neglect its grinding noise.

Here are easy and handy tips to tackle such grinding noise coming from the hard drive:

  • Initiate back up of all your vital data to avoid any loss:

While you have understood that the root cause of your hard drive making such sounds is its failing functioning and it is suggested that you ought to take a backup of all your data in some external storage device. It is a crucial step to avoid any harm to your important data kept your computer or laptop.

  • Using a good hard drive diagnostic and recovery software:

There are many softwares present online to help you diagnose the critical issue that has taken place in your system’s hard drive and provide a full insight the problems that persist in it. Also, some premier softwares are available to aid you in getting a good hard drive test and also prevent data loss.

Also, check for some advance softwares that recover all your data files that might get corrupted or deleted due to this grinding noise.

  • Replacing the hard drive with a new one:

While all the solutions only impart a temporary solution to this critical issue, the best way is to take a full backup of the data in your system and then, get a new hard drive for eradicating this problem for once and for all. This will not just be a permanent fix for it but also be a perfect way to end the sound without compromising on your data loss.

  • Reach out for a quality Hard drive Recovery service:

If you have already faced the ultimate result of losing all your necessary data, it is essential that you search for emergency data recovery service that has expertise and experience in recovery of your vital data successfully from the failed hard drive by using special softwares. With their guidance, you shall surely get your data back without much hassle.

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