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Earning Bitcoins for free

24 Apr 2021 Developer News
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Earning Without Mining

Anything that can be done for free is always a favorite. Especially if you can earn and invest your time into gaining Bitcoins. When it comes to cryptocurrency, mining is often the most reliable and approachable method of gaining Bitcoins.

Through different platforms and ways such as high-powered GPUs and CPUs, mining is done to collect Bitcoins. However, for an average earner investing in Bitcoin can not only be risky but also be heavy on the wallet.

There are however some ways in which Bitcoins can be earned with ease without a stressor on the bank. Here are some examples of platforms that allow you to earn bitcoins easily:


Do you love online shopping as well as the next person? Wouldn't it be great to have a way to spend all that money but also receive some back? Who wouldn't jump on this free train? This is exactly what Lolli does.

Lolli is a free Google Chrome extension that you can download at your ease. It just takes two minutes and you're all set. Lolli works by providing you cashback and rewards in the form of Bitcoins or cash.

All the user has to do is shop online from the retailers working with Lolli. Big platforms such as eBay, Nike, Postmates, and all have partnered with Lolli to make spending and receiving Bitcoins easier. The retailers pay Lolli and Lolli pays you. It's a system that benefits all parties involved.


One of the largest bitcoin exchanges and brokers in the world, Coinbase offers both buying and selling to the other users on site. Coinbase essentially works as a trading site, keeping a small share of the transaction for themselves.

This site remains to be one of the safest options for acquiring Bitcoins. Their security remains strong, as no cases of hacking have been reported.

How Coinbase works is, it uses everyday payment methods that users are already used to ensure easy involvement. All you need to do is make sure to invite your friends to earn rewards and check back with Coinbase regularly to see their promotions and offers.

Understanding and acquiring knowledge about the best ways which can help earn free Bitcoins can be difficult. However,it provides all the information you need. So log on to bitcoin prime to learn more.


Mobile apps are the easiest to work with. Mobile phones are always accessible and always with us. So why not turn just walking with your phone into some free Bitcoin?

sMiles make this possible. The workout you invest towards your health, sMiles invests it towards your future. So while you’re walking or running, the steps taken are counted and your rewards are made from them.

The simplest activities that you do are all turned into deserving rewards. sMiles also offers other modes such as watching videos, taking built-in surveys, and playing chess to raise more money.

sMiles look out for you. Instead of just logging onto your computer and sitting to earn that extra Bitcoin, sMiles helps you keep healthy and fit, all the while making the deserved free Bitcoins.


Do you want to earn up to 8.6% interest per year? Sign us up! This is the kind of opportunity BlockFi provides. This platform manages your cryptocurrency and puts it towards fair use.

BlockFi’s motto is all you need to know, “earn more from their crypto”. No other website or platform provides the opportunity to earn up to 8.6% in interest. These rates are unbelievably high compared to the rates the bank provides.

BlockFi requires the depositing of cryptocurrency into BlockFi which can then be used to earn interest, spend cryptocurrency or buy and sell without any hidden fees. This platform also allows you to borrow Bitcoin and invest it. This makes it more convenient for beginners, looking to start without hefty investments.

Win With Shortcuts

Everything in life needs to be earned with a lot of hard work, however, when life can provide you with shortcuts, not taking them can be foolish.

For an average person investing and putting your own money towards Bitcoins can be a heavy investment. Instead trying your hand at the different websites that provide an easy way out is a better deal in our books.

So looking at these platforms that provide alternative ways to invest and earn Bitcoins is a win-win situation for everyone. 

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