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Top Casino Apps for Apple TV on the iOS App Store

27 Apr 2021 Developer News
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What excites you about Casino gaming? It has been evolving over the years to become one of the most after sought industries. Since the emergence of online casinos, many trends have come up, and their adoption has been meaningful to the industry and specifically the gamers.

The development of smartphones has seen a surge in users globally. They are making access to vital services and information from the internet possible at the click of a button. Gaming services are among those that have been on demand.

Apple Inc. has been one of the companies that have been in the limelight for supporting various applications for both TVs and mobile devices.

Probably you are wondering about the best iOS casino app. We linked up with our gaming expert Lucas Goldberg (check profile) to enlighten you on some of them. Here are the top casino apps for Apple TV on the iOS App store.

Roulette Casino TV

Roulette is among the oldest games that most Canadian casino gamers love engaging in. It’s easy to play and does need the player to have sophisticated skills. When playing it, you are only expected to stake the bets and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel.

If the wheel lands on the selected bet, the players become the winner, and the dealer plays according to the standard. The game is on an app called Roulette casino TV. Its latest version is 1.0 and operates in about 153 countries, and has been approved by Apple’s signing certificate. The Apps size is big enough to accommodate the majority of the gaming features. It’s 120.2 MB.


With a rating of about 4.6, the Blackjack game via the app is among the games that many in Canada love. It’s undeniably among the popular and highly downloaded Apps in Canada and other countries.

Blackjack gaming app is freely designed for both iPhone and the App TV. It’s played against the dealer, and getting 21 or closer is a win. If the dealer gets to the 21st mark before you, they will win, and you lose at the game.

The game is easy and fun to play via the apple casino app. The cards and chips are relatively bigger, thus making the gaming experience better. It pays at the ratio of 3:2 hence encouraging most Canadians to play it. It also has in-app purchases to allow the developers to monetize it.

Absolute Bingo

Is playing bingo offline one of your gaming wishes? Don’t worry because you are in a better place with the Absolute Bingo App. It’s available for your Apple TV. All you need to is downloading it from the iOS play store. It has in-app purchases and ads, but that won’t have an impact on your gaming experience. Downloading the app will enable you to learn the tricks of the game. Canadian players can play free bingo Canada before they finally play for real money.


Having been released more than a decade ago in the gaming market, this fantastic app has been giving gamers the thrilling experience they need. It’s among the few apps for Apple TV that has a rating of about 4.7.

Those who have used it have a reason to keep playing their favorite games through it. Players earn trophies by solving each day’s challenges. The amazing aspect of the app is the lack of interruptions in it when you are playing your favorite game.

Besides, it’s not a must that you play the daily challenges alone. If you want to solve future challenges, you are free to do so without obstacles. It also has exclusive themes with gorgeous card sets. It’s ideal for those above 17 years.

Texas Poker

Do you know anyone who does not know how to play poker? It’s among the top apple app store card games featured in the online casinos that allow them to win fantastic prizes. Stake your bets and emerge victoriously.

There are also fantastic tournaments such as sit ‘n’ go alongside other shootout tournaments. Fortunately, there is an app for Texas Poker with a size of about 10.0MB. The app was released in 2015 and last updated in 2017.

Vegas pool sharks

Besides being the home of the majority of casinos, it offers more than what meets the eye. You will find amazing local casinos that provide a mixture of old and new games. You can play the game through its gaming app. As long as a player is 12 years and above, they can play the game and win its rewards through the Vegas pool sharks app.

The above casino games for Apple TV will give you the gaming experience you need through your App TV. You only need to pick one at a time and play to enjoy the experience.

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