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Lesser-Known Website Optimization Tips To Boost Conversion Rates

03 May 2021 Developer News
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Driving conversion is one of the most daunting tasks. The rising competition has made it difficult for digital marketers to gain the desired conversions. For most websites, it takes a thousand visitors to get one customer.

If your website has been persistently dealing with a low conversion rate, we might help you. With some effective conversion rate optimization strategies, you can accomplish the desired results.

Here are the most effective CRO strategies. Take a look. 

  • Use powerful headlines

Your headlines can make or break the deal for you. They are the first thing visitors observe on your website. Hence, the headline should be impactful, compelling the visitors to move ahead. The headlines should answer the questions of the visitors or solve their problems.

Question headlines, direct headlines, command headlines, instructional headlines, how-to headlines, and problem-solving headlines work well.

  • Use pop-ups on your website

According to a study, pop-ups offer an average conversion rate of 3.09 percent. But if done properly, it can reach up to 9.28 percent.

To get ahead with it, try different offers, like different products, premium content, PDF, or free stuff, to find what works the best for you.

Add a half-minute delay timer on the pop-up to keep the interest of the audience without annoying them. Set a cookie to enable the pop-up to pop up only once per user. And also, simplify closing the pop-up.

  • Keep only necessary fields in the form

A lengthy and complicated form can scare away your visitors within moments, hampering your conversion rates.

Review the form and remove all the unnecessary fields. However, you should know what to retain and what to omit. If your team does not get the essential information for follow-up, the high rate of signups would not mean anything. Figure out what all information do you need while keeping the field short. It is not as complicated as it sounds. You need to know what’s critical.

  • Simplify the first step

 Complicated initial steps dispel the visitors. Make sure you keep the initial steps very simple.

Instead of slapping a large form on the screens of your visitors, give them an easy-going start, something like requesting their email address. Take things further gradually. Derive only necessary information.

If the initial steps are easy, the visitors take action and finish the entire process. 

  • Attach a third-party signup service

In this busy world, very few people have the time to make a new profile from scratch. Giving them the option of logging in using their Facebook, Google, or any other account can create a win-win situation for you.

With this, you will omit the need for a signup form. With a simple signup process, you will get many visitors, enhancing your chances of getting conversions.

  • Include a live chat option on the website

Most visitors commence the process but stumble upon questions or doubts that prevent them from going through the last step.

With live chat tools, you lay a helping hand to them. Answer their queries and questions, clearing the path that leads them to become your customers.

The bottom line

Conversion optimization and SEO are interdependent. Even the most impressive call to action cannot drive conversions unless you receive traffic on your website.

To derive 360-degree benefit from your marketing strategy, work on leveraging SEO as well as conversion optimization.

If you implement the strategies mentioned above, attaining a high conversion rate will no more be a far-fetched dream for you. So, hire the best SEO Maryland team and conjugate their SEO strategies with these CRO strategies to get the best results for your website. 

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