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5 Helpful Apps In Controlling Addiction

10 May 2021 Developer News
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For many reasons, people use over-the-counter medication or illegal substances: they want to feel better, stop feeling bad or improve energy at work, or simply curiosity because others do so and want to fit in. The last reason among adolescents is prevalent.

Experts in the drug rehab centres know precisely what to do to help in managing the progression. Drugs stimulate the brain that gives you a good feeling. But when you take the drug or substance for a while, your brain's good feelings become accustomed to this. Then you have to take more medicines to feel the same way. 

That is why seeking help is necessary through various private or government life coach services being offered to the public.

There are numerous applications to help with depression and anxiety. In addition, similar services to help with addiction are also available such as the following:

1.I Am Sober

Suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse is regarded as a psychological issue that requires professional intervention. Therefore, the I am Sober app includes a feature that allows users to track their progress. It also tracks how long you've been sober in minutes, hours, and days.

Furthermore, the app calculates the money saved by not purchasing the substance. Users can also share their milestones by uploading photos so as not to feel alone on their journey. A great feature of this app is it connects app users to other people, which is an excellent way to make app users feel like they are not alone in their journey to overcome their addiction.

2.Sober Grid

The challenges in addiction and relapse can be concerning if the right kind of support is not available. As a result, having an accessible community to guide you through difficult times is beneficial. Sober Grid, a social networking app that connects people in recovery, aims to do just that. For example, the "Burning Desire" button alerts others that assistance is required.


Substance abuse is frequently accompanied by anxiety and depression. In addition, the drugs used may occasionally cause symptoms of another mental illness. Those apps that promote healthy ways to deal with depression and anxiety can be helpful in this situation. The app includes science-based games and tools to help with emotional well-being. Psychologists develop the techniques used in the games.

4.My Sober Life

My Sober Life is a recovery program for teenagers and young adults (12-25 years old). The app features a sobriety counter as well as a progress tracker. Additionally, this app allows users to record obstacles and create plans to overcome them.

5.Stop Drinking

When you cut back on alcohol, you may experience cravings and the desire to drink again. These cravings, however, are expected during the recovery process. They frequently accompany a sense of loss of control. To prevent this from happening, the app offers relaxation techniques, visualization, and positive techniques to assist with urges.

As life coach Jason Shiers said, "The stigma of drug abuse makes it more difficult for people to get involved in their problems. Those who are suffering from the disease, therefore, often feel shame and have difficulty finding assistance. Recovery is crucial to the availability of adequate health resources." 

The stigma is still present, and people should be more educated on this issue to support recovering addicts. Now that technology has become more advanced, the apps mentioned above will be one way of backing up recovering addicts towards sobriety.

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