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10 Essential Content Marketing Apps That Will Grow Your Traffic

14 May 2021 Developer News
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Good content marketing responds to the needs of your audience, but first you have to get to know them. You need to analyze search queries entered into Google which will help you know what your viewers are looking for. 

The right keywords are not only a great starting point for developing topics for your articles. They also provide a hint on how to make your content more search engine friendly, by placing keywords in the right places in the text.

If you are responsible for marketing activities, you are certainly interested in who, when and from where your website visitors come from. For example, if you run a blog you will certainly need tools to facilitate your work. Of course, all this data is available.

All content marketing activities regardless of the area they are focused on or the organization they are tailored to must have clearly defined goals. In this post, we explain 10 tools that app developers have made for content marketers. They will allow you to prepare a detailed plan and allow you to track the effects of content marketing activities.

Keep reading to find out!

1 Zoommy Picture Maker

Blogs that are eye-catching and visible with attractive pictures create attention to many people, making them curious to know what the website entails. Having many photographs in one article will enable people to share with others and also market the company. However, the content should rhyme with the pictures that have been uploaded in the article.

Mostly, it's tough to make good pictures but with the help of the Zoommy app, you can produce excellent and outstanding images that will attract the audience. Zoommy app has qualities similar to website design, hence it’s mostly recommended since it's easier to make your blog attractive.

2 CoSchedule Timeliness

Content marketing needs to be timely, and you should know the best time to upload your content into your website. CoSchedule comes in handy to enhance that. CoSchedule is essential in marketing since it enables one to be systematic at your business. The app can cater to every client and also offer services to each client's preference.

CoSchedule works hand in hand with other platforms such as social media pages and analytic tools. This ensures the clientele gets the advertised services. The most significant advantage of this app is ensuring that whatever one posts is received and viewed by many people across the world. Furthermore, it's able to gauge the right time for uploading content available for clients to view.

3 PostReach the Deal Breaker

PostReach gives views to different companies of the quality websites and articles that other freelancers write. The app enables organizations to know their weaknesses and improve their strengths based on the outcomes and reports written for different companies.

Offering a free trial while using the app for the first time makes it highly used and recommended for many businesses. PostReach app ranks articles based on their quality, making it timely to know the best articles. Also, it also shows the highly viewed website pages.

4 Grading by Hemingway App

Hemingway app is termed the deal breaker. It ensures your content is quality and the readers going through it get every detail of the message you want to pass across. The app is not costly, and it's available in Mac and Windows, ensuring the content is excellent.

Hemingway is recommended as most people write content that usually crop up in their head. Sometimes, it may be repetitive and boring. To avoid fluffy content, the Hemingway app eradicates all the errors and makes the content brief and to point. If you don’t edit your content well, your readers may lose interest due to the errors thus you traffic will reduce.

5 Sniply Greatness

Sniply mainly keeps track of the performance and quality of an article. Also, the app attaches a link to the post to ensure the popularity of the article is known. Furthermore, it produces links used in social media platforms and analytic tools, making the article popular through sharing using the links.

Sniply enables one to determine how long the content has been published because many new post get uploaded every day. Through Sniply, the website owner can keep track of their articles and modify them to gain more popularity.

6 Site Booster Flexibility

In our day-to-day business, everyone strives to be on the top of the industry despite the organization's challenges. To be ranked among the top website, there is need to update useful and relevant content to your website. The top position is limited to few people; hence more workload is associated with it.

With the help of Site Booster, the content you upload is distributed all over the relevant sites making it easier to market your content. Furthermore, the Site Booster app is offered in both a free trial and paid mode.

7 Portent's Content Idea Generator

Content marketing using apps is highly recommended. Coming up with content ideas is not easy, sometimes it’s frustrating. To draw attention to your content, it needs to be unique, relevant and attractive to your audience. From a catchy heading, the intro, the body and the “call to action,” the goal should be to present an interesting article that will bring positive conversion.

As a writer, you are always thinking of ideas for your next blog post. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed and run out of ideas when the writer's block hits you. That’s why you need help to make this process a success. The Portent's Content Idea Generator is your go to tool when you want to get new ideas.

8 HTML Word2Clean

Through content marketing, one is exposed to many other types of businesses. This enables one to venture into better strategies to ensure your company obtains more profit. When writing content, we usually use Google docs that do not have a quality content editor.

Before posting your content on your website, one should pass it through an editing app. The HTML Word2Clean enables the client to read through without getting any grammar errors, and the points are usually easy to understand.

9 Sumall

 Sumall manages social media platforms and also acts as an e-commerce marketer. It enables one to utilize maximum time to help improve the business in all mean accessible. One requires the necessary equipment to venture into content marketing using the Sumall app. Through Sumall, many people are informed because the traditional methods are becoming obsolete.

10 Skitch Traffic Blog

Most people who use Skitch to blog often get greater profits on their sales. But the content you have uploaded must be well prepared and helpful to the clients. Statistic shave verified that many people are investing in content marketing through Skitch.

Skitch works almost effectively to draw an audience to your website. The app is user-friendly, and also it is straightforward to use. Suppose any customer wants to obtain any information about any product. He will click, and the product will display, and other recommended products will be shown.

Summing Up

The above tools are helpful in creating an effective marketing plan. Thanks to them, websites and all activities related to drawing traffic to them will be optimized

These are not the only tools that work well when creating a campaign or just running a website. There are many more different types of programs, applications and platforms to choose from. They will also help you comprehensively analyze your progress and make your organic search results increase.

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