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The Best iPad and iPhone Apps for Reading Books

19 May 2021 Developer News
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If we wonder about our life without technology, then survival seems impossible. Technology has helped humans to bring innovation that supported their ease. The advancement in our daily lives is all because of technology.

Now we can't imagine doing our work without efficient machinery and staying home without gadgets. With the help of applications for perusing, life has become very easy for all of us. There are several applications that will provide you with excellent features that will make your reading experience excellent.

Let’s take a look at a few excellent reading apps that will enhance your perusing experience.

1.   Kindle

This eBook reader app is very common and is one of the best eBook reader apps. With constant upgrades from both Android and iOS, the Amazon Kindle app offers help as you read books. It has plenty of innovative functions such as an X-Ray reference tool, access to novels, color pages, search, etc.

Apart from all the amazing features, it is well-connected with the in-app purchases & subscription services offered such as Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, etc. We really like the WhisperSync for Voice function.

With this function, you can seamlessly switch between listening to the audiobook version and perusing the story.

2.   Apple Books

Previously known as iBooks, this application is the in-built perusing application and is an excellent choice for those who are searching for an integrated application. It is an excellent tech application that has various features such as the Reading Now section, page quick start, auto night themes, handy touch, design & create screen options, etc.

You can see the novels that you have purchased as well as the novels that you have added to your wishlist on any device. The eBook application has a dedicated section that includes lists of top charts, lists of trending novels, along with best stories in the paid and free categories. You can buy novels as well.

What we really like is the automatic theme switcher. This function is very rare in applications for perusing novels, and when you add and set the dark theme from day theme, it is not only applied to the book-reading interface but to the perusing view as well.

3.   Libby

Libby is a convenient application for perusing eBooks on your iPhone or iPad. It provides a next-gen approach to managing digital content. It is a combo of textual as well as audiobook player. You can connect your local library card with Libby and download all the novels available.

With a catalogue of over 2 million favorite books and over 40,000 libraries connected with Libby, you would love to use this application. With this application, you can easily borrow audiobooks and read eBooks from a public library.

4.   Blinklist

We live in a fast-paced world where not having enough hours influences our ability to read as much as we want. It is not a speed-reading application. Rather, this application provides you with summaries and a list of over 3,000 bestselling books in various categories including society, career, culture, health, economics, etc.

Every story is distilled into a 15-minute read by experts and is available in both audiobook and textual form. Every month, 40 new titles are added to the application so that you never run out of books to blink read!

The iOS app lets you switch between text and audio easily. There is an offline mode as well. You can customize and organize the overdrive and make notes as well.

5.   Google Play Books

Google Books is not only the default perusing application for many phones, but it also brings various interesting features to the platform. Simply download it from the online app store. You can use it from the computer as well.

All you need is a Gmail account, and you can get started. You don’t have to register for any new service such as Barnes & Noble or Kobo to start perusing eBooks. What we really like about this application is that people learn the translation feature.

It means you can select from over 100 languages and you can translate entire highlighted passages. You can see free samples, magazines, etc. as well and improve your reading life. You can listen to the story by any author and then store it in the files and share it on social media as well.

6.   FBReader

If you prefer independent perusing applications, an application called FBreader is designed as a good choice for iOS readers. It is very popular among users as it supports various formats and faster speeds such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, etc. The application syncs your left bookmarks and your perusing position with the FBreader cloud and provides various customization options to the user.

7.   Inkitt

Most of the applications provide access to free eBooks. Most of these books are from the public domain. If you are ready to give indie authors and contemporary works a read, Inkitt would be an excellent place to start from.

This app will support access for users making 100,000 stories available and novels from indie authors at no cost at all. From the essay about the Handmaid's Tale to George Orwell's 1984, you will find loads of books there.

8.   QuickReader

Is improving your perusing speed and comprehension part of your new year resolution? You should pick a speed reading app that will help you achieve that goal. QuickReader is an interactive application that acts as a simple eBook reader but with a variety of options for speed perusing options as well as display.

9.   Leio

Want an app that has basic perusing stats such as your perusing progress, highlight your perusing speed, the hours you will need to finish a book, etc.? You should provide Leio with a look. It will keep you focused by logging your perusing sessions into the calendar.

10.   Scribd

If you are searching for an application that will provide you unlimited access to audiobooks, news, eBooks and magazines, etc. on a yearly or monthly subscription? You should go with this app. Instead of switching between various applications, you should get this app. With over 60 million books to choose from, you are in for a treat!


Choose one of the books given above and have a great time perusing it right from your iPad and iPhone!

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