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Why do you need an essay when applying for a job

21 May 2021 Developer News
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An essay is a free-form type of the text that expresses and argues the author's position on an issue. Although essays are mostly associated with literature classes at school or homework assignments at university, some people also write them when applying for a job. For an employer, an essay is an additional way to evaluate a potential employee. It’s all because of the highly competitive job market: when there are a lot of great candidates around, you need to bring out the best of them. With the help of the essay, the employer also evaluates the candidate's communication skills: the ability to write a competent business letter, the ability to clearly state and argue his thoughts.

The topic of the essay

The topic of the essay can be free or suggested by the employer. Many candidates order and pay to write paper on various essay writing sites because they doubt whether the essay is properly written. But it is better to do it yourself.  It is chosen so that the candidate shows through the text his/her personal qualities, professional ambitions, vision of himself/herself as a specialist, level of competence in a particular issue, creativity in case we are talking about creative professions or other skills and abilities. For example, an employer might suggest the following topics:

- Me and my career;

- What else should we know about you as a candidate?

- My life goals;

- Your life's challenges;

- What attracted you to our company?

Essay format

If the candidate sends the essay via the Internet, it is better to save the essay in PDF format so that the document does not lose its format when opened on another computer. Formatting should be uniform and not change from one to another paragraph. The topic of the essay and the author's name and surname can be given in the upper right or left corner.

Algorithm of essay writing

A candidate may be asked to prepare an essay in advance or given such an assignment right at the interview. In any case, the following algorithm of actions will help you cope with the task:

- Carefully read the assignment instructions and the suggested essay topic;

- Make a plan according to the described three-part structure: write down the thesis and think of arguments and examples to support them;

- Calculate the time needed to complete each part of the essay;

- Write the text without exceeding the given length;

- Double-check the text two or three times and correct errors;

Hand in your work on time. If the assignment was not given at the interview, it is important not to violate the deadline.

An essay, to be unique, must reveal a person's personality - it is your personality that is the main trump card when all other stages of the competition are passed, and you need to stand out from the mass of other good candidates. You should not be afraid to talk about your mistakes, doubts, and failures, because they are a formative experience that some people try to hide, while others turn it into gold. If you make an essay a sincere story about yourself, the reader will truly empathize, reflect on what you have written, and perhaps something will change in him/herself after reading the work. Therefore, a sincere and honest essay will never go unnoticed and will achieve the desired goal.

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