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6 Top iPhone Study Apps Right Now

24 May 2021 Developer News
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Regardless of where you may currently be in your academic career, if you’re a student, you could benefit from using iPhone study apps. You simply need to use those that offer the most value and features.

Consider the following examples. As of this writing, they represent the strongest iPhone study apps on the market.

(Note: This isn’t to suggest that using an app alone is enough to boost your academic performance. You also need to take additional steps to maximize your performance in school, such as enrolling in online courses to prepare for exams or cultivate knowledge that you’re not getting from your traditional classes alone.)


The best iPhone study apps don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel by offering new methods of studying. Instead, they may simply enhance existing methods. That’s Evernote’s key strength. It improves on traditional note-taking with such features as:

  • Camera scanning
  • Note organizers
  • Adding audio recordings and photos to notes
  • Syncing between two devices


Quizlet is another app that simply uses innovative technology to build on age-old approaches to studying. With Quizlet, a user can easily generate their own flash card style quizzes on virtually any subject, ensuring they have the opportunity to study anywhere their phone is available.

  • In-app games to make studying more appealing
  • Take quizzes generated by other students
  • Submit your own quizzes to study with others
  • Play games to learn about new subjects unrelated to your current coursework

My Study Life

Some students fail to study as effectively as they could because they’re simply disorganized. My Study Life is designed for such students. It’s an academic planner that allows students to conveniently store and organize information such as class schedules, assignment due dates, and more. Teachers and instructors can also use it to ensure students always have access to syllabi.

  • Cloud storage so data is available on any advice the app is installed on
  • Track assignment revisions
  • Store past exams for future studying purposes
  • Receive notifications when academic tasks haven’t been completed


In some instances, the best way to study involves some degree of brainstorming. XMind is useful in these instances. It’s a brainstorming iPhone study app that helps students store their ideas and build on them.

  • Built-in templates for easy idea organization and development
  • Drawing features for visual ideas
  • Topic linking tools to bridge the gaps between seemingly unrelated topics
  • Share files in multiple formats

Dragon Anywhere

The idea behind Dragon Anywhere isn’t particularly revolutionary. It’s a dictation app for students who need to record notes quickly when they don’t have any other means of doing so. What earns Dragon Anywhere a spot on this list is its accuracy (as some dictation apps don’t translate speech to text as well as others) and ease-of-use.

  • Built-in dictionary for commonly searched words
  • Edit notes and documents after dictation
  • 99% recognition accuracy
  • Add topic-or-industry-specific words to dictionary


Technically, CamScanner isn’t exclusively a study app. It’s an app that allows users to scan documents into PDF files via the iPhone camera. However, it’s particularly popular among students, as it offers an easy means of saving documents for future study.

  • Convert PDF to other file types
  • Smart cropping for maximum scan quality
  • Advanced editing and annotating features

Remember, these apps aren’t replacements for thorough studying. They merely promote that type of studying. Whether you’re in high school, college, or you’re simply taking online courses on the side, consider how they can help you achieve your academic goals.

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