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How to Become an iOS App Developer

25 May 2021 Developer News
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Are you interested in a career in developing apps? Becoming an iOS app developer falls under the umbrella of software engineering. It's best to choose a single focus, iOS or Android, because the programming language and process of development differs between the two. A career in iOS app development can be exciting, creative and lucrative. You can work for a company of just about any size or in most industries, or you can go freelance. There's a lot of flexibility in this career field, but how do you break in?

Just Do It

It never hurts to get some experience building an app yourself, even if it's just for fun. You can teach yourself some programming, and you will also get a sense of the entire development process, from coming up with an idea and doing market research to designing, building the app and even marketing it. If you just want to learn more about the research, development and marketing process itself without digging too deeply into programming yet, there are app builders that can help you. An in-between option might be purchasing a template and customizing it, which requires learning some code but doesn't make you start from the ground up. Your first app probably won't be perfect in a lot of ways, but you can learn a huge amount from this kind of hands-on project.

Go to School

You might be dreaming of creating that perfect app that will allow you to retire and live on the riches forever, but the truth is, you're probably better off going to school and getting a good grounding in computer programming first. School is also a great place to develop other useful skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication. Your classes will cover such subjects as data structure and system design in addition to computer programming. You can also take some business classes if you like, and if you are specifically interested in entrepreneurship, colleges are increasingly offering courses in this area as well. You can pay for your degree in a number of ways, including with student loans from a private lender. The process of checking online to find out what you are eligible for is fast and easy.

Exploring the Working World

Going to school is also a great opportunity to both network and get one or more internships, which can lead directly to a potential job or simply give you a better idea of what your job might involve. You should also begin to think about what kind of an environment you would like to work in. Nearly every type of company develops apps these days, from banks to fitness centers to entertainment providers and more, and each of these will present very different types of challenges and working atmospheres. If you go to work for a software developer that contracts with other companies, they may specialize in a particular industry. Another option is to strike out on your own as a freelancer although this may be easier if you can develop industry contacts first. Be sure to spend some time at the on-campus career office to see what kind of resources they have. You may also want to follow some developers on social media.

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