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Free Slot Apps for Smartwatches and other Smart Device

28 May 2021 Developer News
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Back in the mid to late 1900s, not many people could have imagined the concept of online gambling that would bring casinos and sportsbooks to the comfort of their homes. However, the advent of the internet brought this concept to fruition.

Since the first online casinos came online back in 1996, many innovative features keep coming up now and then, and this has increased the overall gaming experience for players engaging in online gambling. One of these innovative features is the mobile gaming platform that brought gambling to players' smart devices. Smartphones made gaming even more convenient for players as they can easily access and play their favourite games anytime and anywhere.

Best yet in terms of convenience in gaming is the smartwatch device, which allows players to play slots on the go. Already, there are tons of online casinos and betting apps for smartwatches and other smartphones that you will find online for your smartwatch.

Gambling on your Wrist

As technologies improve every day, we see many innovative creations that aim at making life easy for us. The same happens in the gaming world. Today, you find many different forms in which you can easily enjoy your gaming experience. We have mobile gaming, Augmented Reality gaming, Virtual Reality gaming, and many others. Another option is wearable smartwatches. With this device, players can conveniently play their favourite games, even as they go on morning jogs, wait in line for coffee, or while having a nice time with friends.

You should also note that despite the small size of these devices, players won’t make any compromise when using them to enjoy their favourite slot game. Most of what you get while playing on your mobile smartphone is what you will get from playing on your smartwatch.

How to Join in on the Fun

The question you will find on most people's minds is "how to play slots or other casino games on smartwatches." We understand that due to the small size of this smartwatch device, many people may think that the device is not capable of accessing games. However, the truth is that smartwatches today have become pretty capable of many high-functioning activities, including playing casino games online.

Unlike what many people might think, playing games on slot apps using smartwatches is simple and quite similar to using your mobile device. Let's take a look at the process;

  • Find and Install the App - The first step for you to play slots on your smartwatch is to find and install the app. There are tons of online casino and betting apps for Apple watches and other smartwatches where you can play slots. So, check out and review multiple apps, find the best for your smartwatch device and its operating system, and install it.
  • Create Account - If you don’t already have an account with the gambling site that owns the app, follow the necessary instructions to create an account.
  • Place a deposit - Should you be interested in playing slots for real money, deposit funds into your gambling account. Alternatively, you can also play the demo mode of slot machines for free on your smartwatch.
  • Start Playing - You can now start to enjoy your favourite slot machine for free or for real money.


Top Free Slot Apps for Smartwatches and other smart devices

Let’s take a look at some of the best free slot apps for smartwatches available online.

The Walking Dead Casino Slots App

Walking dead is a slot app that is compatible with both Apple and Android smartwatches. As the name shows, the game is inspired by the popular TV series of the same title. You will get to go on an epic adventure with the show's characters, right on the reels of the game. The game also comes with incredible features that can help players to land some decent winnings. So, this is a game you should try out on your smartwatch as soon as possible.

Double Wins Slots App

Another slot app for smartwatches and other smart devices is the Double Wins Slots App. This game is compatible with Apple watches as well as others. You will also find that the app features generous bonuses, amazing rewards, and incredible bonus features.

Lucky Slots App

Lucky Slots is another slot app that players can play on their Android or iOS-enabled smartwatches. This app features many exciting slot machines with impressive features that include free spins, wilds, and bonus games that leave no dull moment on its reels.

These apps are free apps, which players cannot play for real money. Should you be interested in playing for real money on your smartwatch device, you can peruse the many available online casino apps to find the best to play slots online.

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