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Do You Need Search Engine Optimisation for Your Mobile App?

31 May 2021 Developer News
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Just like a website needs optimisation to rank higher in search engines, so do mobile apps. New apps are introduced daily in app stores. There are 3.14 million apps in Google Play and 2.09 million apps in the Apple App Store, according to Statista. The exact number can change from a day to another because Apple and Google periodically remove low-quality apps from their stores, but the number of available apps has been steady for a couple of years. With the high number of apps, there is also growing competition. Digital marketers know how important SEO is for a website, and similarly, in the app world, an SEO marketing strategy is vital. 

How does Search Engine Optimisation work for mobile apps? Let us explain it to you. 

What is mobile app SEO?

Mobile app search engine optimisation upgrades your mobile app to rank higher on a search results page according to keyword searching trends. Similarly, to optimising the content on your website by creating high-quality headings and metadata (on-page SEO strategies), you can work on your mobile app’s content to ensure search engines identify and index it. Google always favours and directs Internet-users towards mobile-friendly websites first and recommends apps related to their searches at the top of search engine results pages. 

The latest Google’s mobile-friendly update brought some algorithm changes in mobile devices and SERP, so now mobile-friendly web pages and mobile apps rank higher. Google prefers the apps optimised for mobile searches. It created the search menu to allow users to discover both websites and apps, so it’s crucial to optimise your app if you want it to register traffic and be more visible on the web. Google stated that 40% of mobile users search for new apps directly in app stores, but they have numerous apps for each category, and if you want yours to be more visible and rank higher than your competitors, you need to refine your SEO strategies to help your target public to find your app on the app store. 

SEO strategies you should use to rank your mobile app higher in SERPs

Keyword research

All SEO strategies rely on keyword research. Keywords are search queries that help people discover the information, products, or services they’re looking for. Search engines use them to match the search with the best results. Websites and mobile apps use keywords to reach their target audience, and the more relevant keywords they include in their content, the more relevant they are for search engines and the public looking for an app like yours. 

When you do keyword research, start by analysing your competitions and the keywords they use to attract users. When you have a list of keywords they include in their content, use a keyword rank checker to determine how well they rank. These keywords are your digital marketing strategy’s foundation.       


Optimise your app’s name, title, and URL

You need to help search engines discover your app, so use the most searched keywords in the app name, title, and URL. Pick a name that highlights what it offers. When you use keywords in its name and title, you make it easier for users to determine if they need it, and allow search engines to discover it, and suggest it to users who’re looking for something similar. Search engines discover easier apps with optimised names, titles, and URLs and list them higher in search pages. 

The app title should include the keyword with the greatest amount of search traffic. Undertake thorough keyword research before picking a keyword to add to your app’s title because you cannot change it as often as the ranks change. Pick an app title that shares your brand’s values and goals because as the app begins to gain ratings and visibility, word of mouth increases, and it gets easier to promote it. You should make it easy for users to find your app by searching for the name or title. 

Implement app indexing

App indexing helps your mobile app appear on Google search results together with websites. This feature allows search engines to crawl and index the app as they do with websites. It helps you reach a wider public who is looking for the kind of features your app provides. The benefit of app indexing is that people can find your app when searching for informative content. This means that your mobile app can generate more traffic, register more downloads, and reach even audiences outside the app store. 

Build quality backlinks

Backlinks are essential tools for a successful digital marketing campaign because they help Google determine if a website is trustworthy and reliable. When other credible sources recommend your app, they tell Google it’s legit and that it can list it as a suggestion in search results. The first step in creating quality backlinks is to add the app’s link on your official website. Then create a digital marketing strategy that implies collaborating with other reliable websites that talk about your app and help you build quality backlinks. Ensure that only websites with a good domain authority send links to your app. Otherwise, this strategy can negatively impact your rankings. 

Monitor and measure SEO

A well-crafted SEO strategy can help your mobile app rank higher on search engines and within app store searches. Before you establish what strategies you want to employ, use a tool like rankchecker to identify its position in search engine results. After you optimise the app, monitor its evolution and measure the results because search engine optimisation is a continuous work that implies fine-tuning the content and metadata regularly. Create engaging content to describe the app's features and benefits and include snippets from the app to help the users picture what they get if they install it. Ensure that metadata is up-to-date and text it on different operating systems to identify any bugs that can impact the user’s experience.

Optimising your mobile app is essential to make it more visible to your target public. If you neglect SEO, it doesn’t matter how good its features are because it’s invisible in the app store. 

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