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Apps You Can Use to Boost Your Security

07 Jun 2021 Developer News
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The modern era of internet usage is all about phones. Smartphones are everywhere, and they are how most people go online these days. A good smartphone, like the cutting-edge Apple and Android models, all have built-in smartphone security. However, you should also know that there are additional apps to boost your security.

There’s a handful of different apps out there. Some of them will block viruses, and some will perform security checks automatically. You can get the software to keep you safe, and it goes above and beyond standard measures. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer for a mobile device.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Access Dots

iPhones have evolved to give users the ability to tell when a camera is in use. This means that any apps trying to activate the camera for nefarious purposes can’t do so. Android phones have been waiting to try and get this exact update, and now they can. Access Dots is the latest and best way to track camera usage.

Like the iPhone dots, Access Dots creates different colour dots on your phone. These dots will tell you when an app has used the camera on your phone. It helps you to stay aware of what apps do in the background of your phone.


Social media is a security headache. Companies are constantly looking at both old information and new facts about you by looking at your profiles. Most people try to keep their social media locked down, but this isn’t always possible. For best results, an app called Jumbo exists for both Android and iOS.

Jumbo offers you quite a few benefits to safeguard your social media platforms. Deleting all of your old tweets after a specific time, stopping Google from collecting info - it does a lot.


Using a VPN is a common way for people to safeguard their internet connection. However, if your VPN fails, you won’t be safe, and you might not know about it. Surfshark offers an instant “kill switch” for your internet connection.

The premise is simple. If your VPN stops working, then your internet connection is automatically turned off. A quick peek at explains a lot of the features. Permanently encrypted internet, no sensitive information exposed, and staying invisible to any snooping company - there’s a lot of benefits.

Final Thoughts

Internet security remains an ongoing challenge. Staying safe has never been more critical, especially in the world of phone browsing. Making sure that you have the best protection is vital for safeguarding sensitive information. When you consider how many of us store credit card information and passwords on phones, it’s just a necessity.

Having the right security apps can add another layer of protection to your mobile device. There are many, many more out there besides the ones we’ve highlighted. All of these applications have their own merits and benefits. However, it will be up to you to experiment and find suitable security for your specific situation.

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