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Apps As Financial Assistant: Budgeting, Borrowing, Earning [+ Top 5 Advice on How to Choose]

25 Jun 2021 Developer News
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We can't imagine today's life without smartphones. And it's not surprising: you can pump so many useful applications that will entertain you, help organize the family budget, teach you how to pay debts on time (so that there are no fees), earn additional money, and even help consult a qualified doctor.

But the most important thing that apps help is that a couple of minutes to download it can save a lot of time and replace a full trip to the bank or work. How? We'll talk about it in our article.

Budgeting Apps

Keeping a regular financial record is what many want, but only some do. The reasons are records in different places (today in a notebook, tomorrow in Excel, the day after tomorrow in the phone) or the absence of such a habit in principle. Personal finances applications are great for those who want to track expenses, family spending, and, in direction, understand where the money goes.

Among the main advantages:

  • It is convenient to maintain a monthly financial budget;
  • Cost planning. You can specify the number of expenses in advance by dividing them into categories;
  • The ability to maintain a family budget. All data entered is synchronized between devices, and everyone sees who spent the money;
  • The ability to set a financial goal. Write the name, the necessary amount, and gradually collect money;
  • Support for different currencies;
  • A variety of statistics. You can see statistics by day, week, and month for each category;
  • Debt accounting. Some programs have the function of recognizing SMS from banking structures. They will regularly remind you of your debt and the amount of payment you need to pay.

The minimum disadvantage is that more “stuffed” applications are paid. But believe me, this cost is not so great, compared to the benefits they provide you.

Loan Apps

Help take a loan online faster and more conveniently. You don't need to go to banks or some other financial institutions. Save health, nerves, and time. Just download cash advance apps like Dave and fill out the form. Such applications do not charge a fee or additional money. This is a convenient way to contact the lender directly.

The main pros of such applications are:

  • Availability. Loyalty to customers and minimum requirements. Even categories of citizens such as pensioners and students can get a loan. Credit history also does not play a role. Some companies even provide loans to improve it.
  • Speed. Companies review the customer's request in the shortest possible time. The answer (loan decision) comes in the form of a message to the phone or email. If it is positive, then the money is instantly transferred to a bank card.
  • Convenience. You can even make a loan at home. To do this, it is enough to go to the MFI website, go through the standard registration procedure and send an application. You can also calculate the cost of a loan. To do this, a calculator is provided that shows the size of the commission.

The disadvantage is that this is one of the most expensive services in the financial market. The interest rate is quite high. However, it is well-founded. MFIs take great risks by issuing loans without income certificates and material security.

Saving Applications

It is known that the best way to accumulate money is to set aside a certain part from each salary — 5, 10, 20%. However, this is complicated by the fact that sometimes we live only today, spending money on things that are not always necessary. To extend a couple of days to the advance is already a feat; what about keeping a piggy bank to say. The golden rule: "It is not important how much money you earn, but how much remains" works just like the law of global gravitation.

But if you set yourself the goal — to accumulate a certain amount of money, we recommend using the appropriate applications. They allow you to save for a serious purchase, postponing a little. You can also enter a time frame; it will help calculate how much you need to defer each day (or month) until the end of the term.

Such programs easily connect to your credit card, and you can set the "accumulation mode" you need.

It could be:

  • Automatic withdrawal of a certain % when the salary is credited to the card;
  • Calculation and withdrawal of % of expenses;
  • Notification (reminder) that it is time to defer the required amount.

These applications are suitable for those who cannot begin to postpone in any way, and in this format, this is fascinating and useful.

Earning Apps

The topic of mobile earnings interests many users, which is not surprising — now, almost every person has a smartphone or tablet for which you need to pay. But, as it turned out, not many owners of their gadgets know that with the help of them you can not only not pay for communication services, but also earn money.

Let us highlight the main advantages:

  • It takes a minimum of time and effort: usually takes less than one hour a day.
  • Suitable for people without education: all work is very simple and consists of performing elementary actions.
  • There is no connection to the place: receive income during a trip on the subway or bus, a break at work or study, or during a lunch break.

It is worth noting that specific amounts depend not only on the type of work that is supposed to be carried out but also on time spent on its implementation. You should not expect extra profits, but anyone can earn a small amount of money to pay for mobile bills, provided that they allocate a small amount of time to perform the necessary procedures.

Applications for Investing

New mobile services for financial products take into account the client's investment activity, help manage insurance, and even influence the cost of the policy. Each major brokerage service offers a unique mobile investment application.

Investment applications advantages:

  • possibility of currency purchase and sale without bank mark-up and exchange limits;
  • stable earnings are provided at trading with exchange notes, bonds;
  • availability of fresh forecasts and ideas for investments, portfolio analytics;
  • real-time currency converter, stock quotations are presented.

The investment process implies a good knowledge of the financial market, current instruments.

Top 5 Advice on How to Choose an App

We have selected 5 important criteria for you to focus on when choosing the best application:

  • Accounting flexibility: hierarchy of cost categories, account groups, multicurrency, projects, counterparties, recurring payments.
  • The convenience of entering data: widgets, parsing SMS, integration with banks, scanning checks, automatic updating of currency rates.
  • Reporting: designer, export, standard reports on categories and dynamics of expenses, the balance of accounts.
  • Reminders of debts and recurring payments.
  • Analytical tools: accrual forecast, cost forecast.

People keep personal financial records for various purposes: to pay loans, organize savings, reduce expenses, plan the dates of payments and receipts if it is difficult to have enough money to pay. And the right mobile app will make your life much easier.

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