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The best iPhone apps for graphic designers in 2021

26 Jun 2021 Developer News
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Creating a graphic on the iPhone is a challenge. You may always make something for social media using graphic design tools. Additionally, large-screen iPads make drawing with the Apple Pencil more comfortable. If you like sketching on a digital canvas, you should check out some of the finest graphic design applications available for the iPhone and iPad. In this article, we will specify those applications that will help you in designing:

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Adobe's picture editing and graphic design capabilities are very impressive. This Express Photo Editor's primary function is that of a collage creator. You may compile all of your fond memories and make stunning photo collages.

This editor, which is trusted by millions, provides various free photo effects and editing tools. Utilize borders and text to customize your experiences. Utilize a range of shades and images to create shareable moments. The premium edition unlocks plenty of additional features to master the skills of graphic design.


If you're an inexperienced designer interested in creative arts, the Canva graphic design iPhone app will be very useful for you. With a clear and aesthetic design, you may begin using this application immediately. Also, you can utilize a built-in or ready-made design.

Adding text to a picture is very simple in Canva. That’s why people like using Canva to design invites and Sad Status quotes. Once completed, you may instantly share your designs on Instagram, WhatsApp Status, or email.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a universal application. A human brain produces an infinite number of ideas. You may use Autodesk to design or sketch the concept on your iPad.

If you're fresh to the creative world, sketching may help you improve your abilities. This software, which is packed with excellent drawing tools, is an unavoidable component of any creative process.

Adobe Spark Post

Even masters have a creative block. It's natural for a newcomer to this area to be empty of ideas. However, you don’t have to worry about that. Spark Post will be ready to assist you with its library of free Adobe Stock images and graphics.

Even if you lack basic design skills, this graphic design software is simple to use. You can learn new techniques for designing and animating images, movies, and social media material.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is intended for more serious vector artists. With its configurable brushes, this software outperforms the competition when it comes to digital drawing.

You can utilize simple shape stencils to accelerate your design process. There are circles, squares, French curves, and polygons among the forms. Additionally, the shapes contain speech bubbles to assist you in designing comics.

The app also supports Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.  Moreover, you can utilize your large-screen tablet to create magnificence on a digital canvas with this app.

Sketch in Photoshop

Your imagination is uncontrollable. As a result, Photoshop Sketch was created to let you express your creativity on the move. Photoshop's sophisticated brush engine is now available for your iPhone and iPad.

Photoshop Sketch includes 24 customizable brushes. You may customize the brush's size, color, opacity, and blending parameters.

WeTransfer paper

WeTransfer has created an award-winning virtual drawing software. Over 25 million people have expressed their admiration for paper. You can allow your imagination to run wild and draw confidently on your iPad or iPhone.

Instead of relying on intrusive menus, Paper assists you via natural movements. This guarantees that you never lose your creative flow once you begin sketching, painting, drawing, or creating collages.

Each artist has difficulties in the beginning. And to address this issue, Paper has compiled a list of creative suggestions. There are manuals, lessons, and everyday tasks included in this category.

Sketches by Tayasui

Tayasui Sketches is, without a doubt, the most accurate and user-friendly graphic design software available for the iPhone and iPad. After importing pictures, you may create magic with the application's twenty ultra-realistic tools.

You can utilize wet watercolor brushes, a brush editor, and a color-eyedropper to enhance the vibrancy of your work.

Pocket Procreate

Procreate Pocket is an award-winning art software that is both easy and powerful for every user. Hundreds of pressure-sensitive brushes are included with your iPhone and iPad.

The software is beneficial for making expressive drawings, vibrant paintings, and stunning illustrations. It's a portable creative studio that you can use on beaches, flights, or while looking for someone at a coffee shop.

Procreate Pocket is more user-friendly on iPhone since it uses the device's 3D Touch sensitivity.


Create is an all-in-one iPhone and iPad software for creating professional-looking graphic designs. A single software may provide many options, including images, user interfaces, logos, vector art, collages, mood boards, and filters.

On your iPhone, you can experience the strength of desktop design tools and create precise stands as you save and share editable creations.

Multiple picture layers may be arranged in Create application. When your creations are complete, you may upload or save them to iCloud. Additionally, access from other Apple devices such as the Mac, if you utilize sketching applications on the PC.

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