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Best Apps for Your Apple Watch in 2021

27 Jun 2021 Developer News
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Want to make the apple watch more useful? Now is the time to install some apple watch apps that will make the watch do more. So one can use the watch to get entertained, keep oneself updated, get connected with others, and increase productivity.

Here are some apple watches that one can download to make the Apple watch more than what it is.

Best Social media Apple Watch apps

When it is difficult to meet people every day, social media apps act as a big bridge. Social media helps in keeping in touch with others and with the world in general. Here are some of the best social media apps to download on one apple watch:-

Twitter: With this popular social media app, one can keep in touch with what is happening worldwide. Read tweets, post tweets, like tweets, re-tweet with the apple watch with few simple clicks.

Instagram: Check out the latest post by friends and family or celebrities with the apple watch. One can like and comment on the posts and send DMs to friends using the app.

Meet up: This apple app is one of the best ways to meet new people. One can find people who share similar interests and likes in the local areas.

Best Sports Apps for Apple Watch

Want to check the scores during the look break at the office? Well then, you can check the livescore on buaksib or try out these three best sports apps for the apple watch:

Bleacher Report: One can check the scores and live commentaries of an ongoing event. They provide scores and news of around 20 types of sports. One can customize the application as well.

Sports alert: This app is a well-designed app for checking out live stats and post-game highlights. The app supports various leagues and NBA events, MLB, NHL, golf, soccer, tennis etc.

FotMob: Now, one can get all the football-related news, scores, storylines, updates and commentaries' in a single place. This app is a simple to use and customizable option for football lovers.

Best Productivity Apple Watch apps

Everyone wishes that they could do more in their days and complete more tasks. To do so, it is crucial to keep track of one's productivity and daily tasks. One can now do so with their apple watches. Here are the top three picks:

Streaks: This app is a must-have for people to build and retain habits in their daily lives. The app helps maintain streaks of habits, give alerts and helps in reminding one to complete the habit retaining tasks.

Todoist: This app is designed to help users create to-do lists, complete them with an inbuilt alarm system, and share the to-do list with others. One can jot down the task and set the alarm for it with much ease so that no task is missed.

Multitimer: This app is a blessing for those who need to multitask every other day. The app allows the user to set up timers for several different tasks at a single time. In addition, there are timers and stopwatches for different tasks on a cleanly designed dashboard.

Apple watche are a great device for those who do not like to carry larger devices and gadgets with them. With these apps, one can be anywhere and can keep oneself connected and aware of what is happening with a simple watch on the wrist.

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