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How To Become A Successful SMM Manager?

07 Jul 2021 Developer News
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In simple terms, an SMM specialist is a person engaged in promoting groups and personal pages in social networks, through which effectively sell products, sell services or increase brand awareness. That is, SMM-specialist is not only about "posting cats", as some people think.

An SMM-specialist profession requires knowledge in many areas: marketing, design, target advertising, copywriting, auditing, and even psychology. At the same time, the job is very interesting, creative, and well-paid for smart SMM specialists.

In addition, the field of SMM is very promising, because internet marketing is actively developing. Therefore, good specialists are always in demand on the market and are needed for both large companies and small firms, and private entrepreneurs.

With what to start studying SMM.

Now there is a huge amount of material on the network, on which you can try to learn the profession of SMM-manager. Reading various articles and studying video lessons, you will learn something about this way of earning, but it is unlikely to become a good specialist because of the abundance of contradictory and outdated information because the SMM sphere is rapidly developing and changing. The most effective way to start in SMM is a competent course where all information is clearly structured, tested, given with examples, reinforcing homework, tips, and advice from experienced specialists. If you are serious about it and do not intend to waste your time, you can't do without good courses.

What is the job of an SMM manager?

What you will need to do:

  • Understand the customer's product, understand the specifics and characteristics of his business.
  • Make an analysis of Internet users. Understand who the target audience of the product is.
  • Study of competitors.
  • Develop a content plan according to which publications and posts will be published.
  • Set up targeted advertising.
  • Promote the page in other ways - advertising from bloggers, competitions with reposts, etc.
  • Provide the customer with a report on the work done.

How do I start learning about SMM?

One of the main criteria for effective work is working conditions. You need a laptop, a phone and a good Internet connection with a reliable provider. It is necessary to be able to use social networks, mail, popular messengers. If you have a basic knowledge of marketing and skills with graphic editors - that's a big plus, if not, then all these skills need to gradually start pumping.

To understand how SMM works, analyze successful publishers. Choose an area of interest and find a community with a large number of subscribers. Look at what posts and what they write about, what their visual content is. Remember, that you may check your visuals with the help of mockups like this magazine mockup. Each community has a different feature that they use to attract an audience. Some have brightly colored banners, some constantly make hoaxes, and some deliberately raise controversial topics in their posts, arranging stormy discussions in the comments.

Analyze all the content that is presented in the community - photos, videos, comments, audience. At the end you should have a whole picture of why this page is so popular with your subscribers. This information will help you make your own unique project based on the experience of someone else's well done work.

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