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Dead By Daylight: 7 Pro Tips To Outlast Your Big Bad

12 Jul 2021 Developer News
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This game is a survival horror game where one gamer performs the part of a pitiless killer, and the other players play the role of survivors. If you are a killer, your aim is to kill as many survivors as you can. If you are a survivor, your purpose is to avoid and save yourself from getting caught and executed. For more details, visit

If you wish to be a pro at this game, you need to know a few tips and techniques mentioned below.

Know your enemy

Survivors have to adapt their style of play, keeping in mind the killer's arsenal to make sure they can stay in the match for a long time. However, by just being aware of the perks that killers have, survivors can gain many hints to beat the killer in their game.

Have the knowledge when you can stay put

Killers have many different options to keep an eye on their prey, unlike the survivors. Many players have come up with the opinion that this game spares killers massively. However, even after having all these benefits, gamers can use their understanding and awareness of the "advanced tracking" mechanics to learn precisely when to stay put or when to proceed.

Allies can be your distractions

Every survivor should utilize any opportunity to turn it to their advantage, even when they get caught in the game. Also, killers have the power to make maximum points as they gain whenever they hurt and hook a survivor that falls into their prey.

However, the good news is that the time a killer uses to bring a survivor to a hook can be sufficient for the others to begin rebuilding generators and achieving their goals.

In such a situation, it is the players who have to keep a note of other survivors' status to figure out if the rest of the survivors capture the killer's attention. Furthermore, survivors will notice whether a squadmate is at that moment being pulled away or hooked, which normally means that the killer is nearby.

Confuse everyone together

It is important to note that a killer is a single player, which means they will not reach all the survivors at one time. In that case, survivors who propose their strategy correctly can tease and make the killer chase them.

In fact, multiple survivors can deceive the killer and make them chase survivors in different directions. Thus, in this way, others will get enough time to finish their replacements while others do the job of bait.

Furthermore, teams who have excellent coordination have the ability to shift roles from time to time. As soon as the killer gets to know that the rest of the survivors are trying to act as bait, the rest of the survivors can start their wild chase. In this way, the real baits can begin to run behind their objective.

Give priority to the generators

You might often feel the tendency to toying with the killer, but squads have to control that feeling and concentrate on the generators at the beginning. This might appear to be useless for many, but concentrating on generators can quickly favor the survivors instead of the killers.

As soon as other players become aware that the killer is diverted, they should instantly start the generators. The sooner they start the generators, the higher chances that the killer will get confused and mess up.

Spam improvements

Survivors will trigger higher skill checks as much as they adhere to fixing the Generator at one time. However, Hex: Ruin totems that are crawling in generators can greatly limit their work. Thus, rather than triggering a skill check, gamers should spam repairs alternatively.

It is essential to hold the repair for some time before allowing it to go and do the process all over again. Even though this process to repair generators might turn out to be an extremely tiresome task, it definitely lessens skill checks.

Practice lighting as an advantage

Even though the killer might get several perks, many parts in the game map can still be difficult to see. People who have already experienced being a killer can get to know how killers get a somewhat unbalanced view of the world, and skilled survivors might face difficulty in spotting them. Survivors should begin to look out for difficult corners or random segments of the map that can be hard to find unless they concentrate keenly.



Hope this article helps you to learn the skills and become a master at this game. If you have any questions, comment below. Also, stay connected for more content.

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