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Best Apps For Remote Teams In 2021

12 Jul 2021 Developer News
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Remote work has a lot of challenges, despite the fact that many people really love such a way of working. There are many apps that can simplify this for you and your team members. Let's have a closer look at the best of them:

1 Asana. It is an online project management tool with load sharing and team progress tracking. Asana allows you to upload files from other cloud services to project tasks through integration with Slack, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud and more. You can also use Asana to control access to your files so that the right people can access the information they need.

2 Clean Email. It is difficult to manage email overload and keep your inbox organized without any special software. If you choose manual email management, you probably spend an hour every couple of days to maintain your inbox organized. Clean Email can do a lot of work for you. With its algorithms it can help you fight spam, sort incoming messages, unsubscribe from all emails you no longer need, divide all emails into relevant groups for certain actions, like archiving, deleting, etc. It saves you a lot of time, and as a result you can spend it on more important things.

3 Trello is another popular project management system. It will help to organize effective work following the example of the Japanese philosophy of kanban. Kanban is a system of business organization that helps to implement the principle of "just in time". Most users have identified several positive qualities that still attract new fans to this service: the simplicity of the interface, the possibility of free use, convenient operation, and interaction with various services.

4  Echo will be the perfect voice messenger for you if your team works from home and you still need to collaborate with each other. You just record the message by holding the button and send it without typing at all. The recipients get it immediately and can listen to it at once or return to the message history later. When you're online, messages will automatically play when they arrive to maintain the conversation's natural flow. When you're Focused, no notifications will be played, and messages will be queued for you to read at the needed time. When you leave your computer, Echo will automatically change your status to "Away."

5 Google Calendar. You can share the calendar with colleagues and partners, give access to the main calendar to show someone your schedule, create a calendar that can be edited by multiple people, such as an organization's event calendar, authorize a colleague to schedule and edit events on your calendar.

6 Slack. Slack is a fast and convenient communication channel focused on communication within the organization, which is easily integrated with other online applications. You can correspond in separate chats, where you can set reminders, connect other services to access documents and receive instant notifications. Slack reduces the time spent on meetings and allows you to form small group conferences, which can be freely joined by other employees. You can create an unlimited number of channels for conversation. Non-profit organizations can get Slack for free.

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