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How to download GTA 5 mobile?

19 Jul 2021 Developer News
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GTA has been a fantastic game entertaining us since our childhood; now, the developers have introduced the advanced GTA 5 mobile version. As many people think that they cannot download PC games on their mobile phones thus, it will be difficult to get the GTA 5 mobile on the mobile phone. Well, now we have some amazing links that can make it possible for you to play GTA 5 on mobile too. 

If you want to get that feeling back, when you would play the GTA vice city after school, then go ahead and download the GTA 5 mobile; it is not very difficult; just follow the simple steps, and you will get your favorite game within a few minutes on your mobile phone. Another amazing thing is its different versions; one is for the android mobile phone, and the other is for the IOS systems. However, you need to first check if your mobile is capable of playing the GTA 5 APK game on it or not.

Requirements for GTA 5 mobile

We first need to check if your mobile phone is ready to get the GTA 5. To check that, you should consider the following features.

  • The RAM of the mobile phone should be more than 4 GB. If it is lesser than that, then you cannot download the GTA 5 mobile through the link.
  • A dual-core processor/CPU.
  • Quality display, it should be 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Storage more than 64 GB.

How to download the GTA 5 mobile?

Once you are sure that the mobile phone is compatible with the game, you can follow these steps to download the GTA 5 APK game on your mobile phone. You will first have to install a link, a file, and then the application in this process.

Click on the link.

Search for the GTA 5 APK android or mobile phone download link. A page will open, and you will be given detailed information about the game. Read it carefully so that you should find out if the game is compatible with your device. Ensure that the download link is safe for your device; always get this GTA 5 APK link from a reliable source.

Permit this download.

Once you click on the link, the mobile phone will ask you to download from the unknown links. It will appear because the normal downloading route is the play store and not the links for applications and games. You will have to allow it to continue the download. In some cases, a dialogue box will appear, do not forget to read it carefully, word by word; it is crucial because sometimes there can be some issues with the download link that can harm your mobile phone.

Go to the downloads and check the downloaded file.

Now once the download has resumed again when you have permitted it. Check in the download folder, where you will get a file for the GTA 5 mobile. Open it; you will see options to install the game. Press on the install button, and your game is ready to be installed on your mobile phone.

It is ready to play.

One thing you should ensure before playing the game is a secure internet connection. It will require the same internet connection you need for other games. In some cases, you might need to restart the mobile.

Downloading GTA 5 mobile on iPhone

You might be thinking that downloading GTA 5 on your IOS will be different. But fortunately, it is not; the only difference is in the link. You can follow all the mentioned above for mobile downloading. However, do not forget that the mobile phone should be compatible with it.

A few features of GTA 5 mobile

We think it is important for us to share a few details about the game, too, so that the players should know what they are playing and what type of experience they will get while playing the GTA 5 mobile on their mobile phone. Trust us; it is worth your while.

  • The GTA 5 mobile has high-quality graphics, making it the finest choice for your leisure time.
  • The vehicle driving control is far better than the older versions; you do not need to get confused.
  • The bets feature si the close to real graphics, you will feel as if the game is quite real, and all the characters, images, and scenes are near to real.
  • The player can easily control every part of the game; this full control makes the game a win-win for the players.
  • Every new mission is interesting than the previous one. It will keep you wanting more from the game.


Downloading your favorite GTA 5 on mobile, be it your android or IOs mobile phone is super convenient if you have the link to download the application. Once you know how to do it, it is only a matter of a few minutes.  

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