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Little Things That Will Drastically Improve Your Gaming

25 Jul 2021 Developer News
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If you think that the most important thing in gaming is your skill, then you are right. Everything else is the fancy topping on top, perhaps getting you that 1% boost over the rest. No amount of gaming gear will turn you into a pro from a newbie. But what it can do is give you that extra mile you have been looking for. And little things add up over time, and to make your chances of success as high as possible, you better maximize the minutia as well as the important stuff. In this article, we are exploring the details of a gaming setup to help you perform at your best.


No matter which game you play, high-quality sound is pleasing to your ears. However, if you are playing a multi-player game where hearing is particularly important, you will need to invest in a high-range headset. Footsteps, sound effects, shots, and determining where a signal is coming from are all better done when what you hear is crystal clear. You can’t allow any interference or low-quality noise to take away from your match.

The Japanese are one of the most hardcore gaming nations in the entire world. This is why I believe we can trust them with being highly competitive as well. They will go to great lengths to secure a victory, at any major popular game that’s out there.

If you want to be as good as them, might as well listen to what they recommend to their own folk. When you’re hunting for a good set of headphones, check out a guide on how to choose one at a local website It’s a quick translation with a few simple mouse clicks in your browser, and you will have all the secrets in selecting the absolute best pair of ears for you.


This section will depend on what kind of gamer are you. Console fans rejoice because things are much simpler for you. Choose a good manufacturer for your joystick, pick the most recent model, and you are good to go. It’s the best option out there, and there is not much debate on it. Make sure you adjust the settings so they fit the particular game you are playing, and there’s not much else to discuss.

PC gamers, on the other hand, have a tough time. Picking a mouse or a keyboard can be a painful process, as there are so many excellent choices out there. There are many companies that specialize precisely in gaming gear such as Razer and Logitech, but they are on the more luxurious side, even the cheaper models. Others, which have less developed brands, may offer similar devices for a fraction of a price.


When it comes to mouses, there are a multitude of things to look at. The most important is the least objective one. How you “feel” the mouse in your hand is a determining factor. No matter what specs they put inside it, if you don’t enjoy holding it over prolonged periods of time, it’s time to move on. A mouse is an extension of your arm, and it’s responsible for all of your swift action and reflexes. If you undermine it, you are digging yourself a hole of missed headshots and poor accuracy.


Mouse in your right hand, keyboard in the left(unless you are that weird left-hand gamer). The same principles apply to choosing this gadget, except where it might be more sport-specific. Depending on what kind of genre you are playing, you have to pivot accordingly. If it’s a shooter you are after, mechanical is the way to go. They receive your signals the fastest, and their lag-time is almost nonexistent. On the contrary, if you are playing a Moba, where you have to press many keys repeatedly, in quick succession, an electronic version will be your best ally.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

That’s right! These trendy eyesight pieces are popular for a reason. Many gamers get headaches or insomnia for playing hours on end in front of their screens. A lot of that can be attributed to excessive blue light the screens put out. You can block that effectively by wearing blue light glasses at least half of your gaming time.

While it won’t make you see any better, they might be able to prevent future vision loss by reducing the strain your eyes experience during prolonged sessions. To choose a cost-effective option for both work and gaming activities, take a look at this shopping list.

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