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Top mobile apps to enhance your gaming experience

26 Jul 2021 Developer News
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Are we the only ones feeling like it's Groundhog Day in 2021? Although things are looking up and the future is bright, it will be a long, slow road back from this, so be patient.

Therefore, why not take advantage of this time of solitude and boredom to fine-tune your gaming skills on the Internet?

It is possible to improve your finances even further by winning at online blackjack Canada. If you want to try your luck at those life changing jackpots, you can find the best casinos to play online blackjack Canada here. Maybe sharpening your gaming skills will give you a competitive edge online? The apps that will help you get to that next level and take your gaming to the next level are what we'll be focusing on today.

Game Booster

By installing this app, you can play games more smoothly and faster on your mobile device. This optimizes your smartphone so that you have a large amount of RAM available for gaming. Using this gem not only for gaming but also for all your apps, will enhance the gaming experience and eliminate lag.


Are you looking for an app that enables you to connect with like-minded gamers, exchange tips, and generally make you feel part of a community? Matching players in your area with the same age, from the same country and who speak the same language is the Plink way. Quite simply, collaborating with your teammates online will provide you with tips and tricks that will set you apart from others.

Having your statistics matched with those of other players will help you improve your stats instantly, regardless of what game you choose.

Big Brain Academy

Taking a break throughout the day when you feel too overwhelmed is important, even if it is not directly related to gaming. There's no better break than Big Brain Academy. At each level, students are presented with a new scenario to crack, ensuring improvement in creative learning through scientific research. Essentially, it's a two-for-one situation; you clear your mind from the game you've been playing too much while simultaneously expanding your creative awareness.

Make the most out of your next game marathon by making sure your brain stays sharp during the entire event. In no time at all, you will start seeing improvements in your stats.

Google Play Games App

You can use this Android app as your central hub to keep track of all your progress across the games you play and to see your ranking on the leaderboards. You can even get tips for what you are playing currently based on your gaming history, making it like having your own personal gaming secretary.

The instant play feature allows you to try out a new game without having to download anything, and when you need to change devices all your information will be stored externally.


It sounds too good to be true that you can use an app to connect external devices to your smartphone. So, here you go. Octopus will automatically map the keys and controls of most popular games, so you can use a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or plug-in controller with ease.

There are some games that strictly prohibit the use of Octopus for whatever reason, so don't force it. It will just lock you out. There are not many games it is incompatible with, so don't stress.

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