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These Apps Make Everyday Life Easier

27 Jul 2021 Developer News
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Apps are a great way for businesses to bundle their offer up in an effective way by simplifying booking or buying options as well as by helping users out with relevant information or support options. Ever since apps have been around, more and more businesses have started taking advantage of modern technology. While some apps are mere gimmicks, others can really come in handy in everyday life. These are the coolest life hack apps that everyone can benefit from.

Tracking Apps

Ordering things online is super easy. But as soon as you put something on Craigslist or on Ebay in order to sell it, the perks of online shopping don´t apply. As a private buyer on one of the platforms, you are subject to the seller's goodwill when it comes to shipping. You never know for sure when they have taken your parcel to the mail station. If your parcel doesn´t arrive, how will you know for sure whether it's stuck somewhere or got lost – maybe even stolen.

Being on the Safe Side with Your Parcel

In order to avoid problems with your parcel, ask the seller to book a reliable parcel service that offers online tracking. If they don't agree, possibly due to higher charges, it´s up to you to ponder if you´re willing to pay the little extra or not. While it may not be as crucial for national shipping, never forego reliable tracking for international shipping. Users love the USPS Tracking App, as it´s easy and quick to use.

No matter if you´re the seller or the buyer, make sure to emphasize how important the safety and traceability of the parcel is for both of you – who wants to pay for lost packages?

Online Tracking for Military Dependents

It is not uncommon for US citizens to have family members in the military, who are stationed halfway around the globe or who are even deployed. It's always a great idea to lift their spirits by sending them packages – and it's very annoying to be unsure whether or not your parcel is on its way and when it´ll arrive at its destination. Shipping to Europe or Asia can take a while – tracking helps you relax.

Hiking Apps

When Covid made its appearance in March 2021, the government shut down many parts of public life so as to reduce the numbers of infection. That is when a lot of people (re-)discovered the outdoors. Outdoors pastimes are a lot of fun, can be done alone or in small groups and add adventure to your life.

At the same time, being out in the mountains on your own can be risky. Every season, hikers get lost or have an accident for lack of preparation, experience and stamina. Hiking apps help you prepare yourself for you next tour by offering you a grand variety of routes including information on them.

A Good Hiking App Offers Your This

Along with a map of the routes, a good hiking app also offers GPS. Hikers also find information about the length of the trail and the altitudes they´ll need to overcome. Is the trail a decent path or will you need to be exceptionally secure on your feet? The same goes for biking and other outdoor sports: In order to get around safely, you´ll need all the support you can get. Even experienced hikers love using great outdoor apps like AllTrails or Gaia.

Hiking Gimmicks

Hiking apps are nowadays the best tool for the ones that spend a lot of time in the wilderness and who want to reduce their risk of getting lost or hurt. But there are other apps for hikers, whose main goal is not of utter importance, but still very interesting. Some apps will tell you what mountain, river or lake you are looking at and provide you with information on it. Others will show you the coolest sights by or close to your hiking trail.

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