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7 Apps to Save Your Time as a Student

05 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Learning institutions often provide their students with the possibility to discover their identity and interests. Professors give you tools to succeed in most of your studies. All you have to do is to be attentive and look for opportunities. Your studies shape your future, so many people put value in their education.

At the same time, you have to balance all your daily routines with academic success. It is hard to be perfect in everything, and sometimes you don’t have to. Your goal is to be present at the moment and be a professional in time management and organization.


Writing essays and reports are an essential part of a student’s experience. You may not study literature or linguistics, but you have to be good with your wording. Even if you are a tech genius, you need to explain your choices and steps when working on a project.

Many services provide academic assistance for students and improve their understanding of the writing process. For instance, PaperWriter has top-notch professionals who will happily help you with your instructions and essay formatting.


The service provides free samples and detailed guides that can help you streamline your essay or research paper. After having read the examples, you may consider rewriting your draft to make it more academic, but it’s okay. Making mistakes is a part of growing. Just make sure you check the samples beforehand, not after having crafted the final paper.

Never hesitate to seek help if you struggle with your studies. Studyfy can be a perfect place for you in this case. Except for samples, you can find details on some standardized tests you’re about to take. So, the preparation will be easier.

One of the best services that can help you with quick, unbiased, and high-quality editing and proofreading is Studyfy. If you ever wondered “how to proofread my paper”, Studyfy will help you to make the most of it and achieve the best grade for your essay.


This website is perfect to strengthen your memory and knowledge in various subjects. It is designed to help students memorize key concepts. The use of flashcards proved to boost memory and better processing of new material. Quizlet always updates its database and adds new quizzes. It will change your study routines and bring some colors into them.


If you want to achieve more, you have to stay organized. A part of the process is to know what you need to do and when you need it. Most problems arise when we stay disorganized and procrastinate thinking that everything is under control. Yet, it is easy to forget about some tasks and readings you need to finish.

Todoist is a productivity app that makes your daily routines easier. You can plan your month and prioritize all your tasks and assignments. Categories and colors make it easy to separate your project ideas from daily routines and visualize your progress. You can then revisit the history of your tasks and cooperate with your classmates.

Todoist has convenient app and desktop versions. You will never miss a meeting or deadline with it. 


The art of taking notes and keeping them organized is another step to improve your learning experience. Professors often encourage students to create notes. It activates their memory and teaches them to draw the important details out of the offered information. Here comes in handy the Evernote app that also has a desktop version.

Evernote allows you to sync your devices and create a storage space with tags and categories. It is easy to navigate and transfer all your pdf and doc files that can be formatted and transformed as you wish. Evernote also allows you to scan documents and easily transfer your handwriting to the app. So, it is easier to arrange your notes and prepare for exams.

Rescue Time

Knowing how and where you spend your time is essential to understand what you can improve. Sometimes, we don’t even notice where all our free time has gone. It’s especially relevant for those who work online as they face a lot of distractions. So, how can you improve your studies and practice conscious internet activity?

Rescue Time tracks your activity across devices and creates detailed reports and trends. You can easily analyze and check what you were doing throughout your day. Rescue Time also includes the feature of blocking some websites and scheduling study sessions. The service encourages you to achieve more and strive for better results.


The ability to focus is integral to a modern human in general, and for any student in particular. If you are focused, you can achieve the best results. Also, if you are mindful and conscious, you can always manage your tasks in time. Therefore, websites for your well-being are as important as those helping you with writing.

Tide is an app and website that helps you to focus and improve your mental health. You get a guide and collection of sounds that are beneficial for your well-being. If you feel anxious or stressed, it will interfere with your productivity and effectiveness. As soon as you unlock your full potential, you will be as effective as possible.

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