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8 Best Free Whiteboard Online Apps For Remote Learning

05 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Never has technology been that highly demanded, like in the COVID-19 era. Since last year, whiteboard applications have gone viral (pun intended). The whole world moved into the digital space, requiring more software for working and studying online. If you have been searching for the right whiteboard online application, check the list below.


A whiteboard app, which one can easily find online or download on a device. Instead of typing frantically ‘professional paper writer’ right before the exam night, use Miro. With this application, you can organize your exam preparation or essay writing as teamwork with your groupmates.

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  • A variety of templates. You can choose any template you want and later remodel it according to your own taste. Just add more elements to the board, text, and sticky notes to make the board convenient.
  • Great for managing people. Due to this application, modern managers can easily assign tasks, check the progress, and communicate with the team members.
  • Great for online conferences. One of the    best help resources for remote studying, Miro allows a teacher to share their screen with all students.


This whiteboard application is a godsend to the digital-space haters.

  • It resembles a real-life whiteboard. You can choose the color of your digital ‘markers.’ What is even better, the ‘markers’ imitate the texture of their real-life cousins.
  • The best option for teachers. It is easier for teachers to use whiteboard applications. They imitate the real-life whiteboards at colleges. Also, students themselves do not have to get used to new applications. Yet, the whole remote teaching becomes smoother.


A perfect whiteboard application for team brainstorming. Each sticky note you use can be turned into a separate whiteboard. Once you have created a whiteboard, your colleagues can edit it by adding sticky notes themselves.

  • Real-time collaboration. Team members can share their ideas simultaneously.
  • Easy organization. All you need to do is drag a necessary sticky note with a mouse.
  • Zapier integration. This means the user can develop new whiteboards, basing them on the information from other applications. The user can also send the information created in Stormboard back to other applications. Never has synchronization been easier!
  • Text chats. Team members can discuss their ideas in a special text chat window.


Now this creation is amazing because it is a multiple whiteboard application. This means the user can create an endless number of whiteboards. You can make a traditional blank whiteboard or choose pre-made whiteboard templates.

  • Multiple ‘rooms.’ In this digital space, you are able to create as many ‘rooms’ for each project as you need. For instance, there can be a separate ‘room’ for your marketing team and another one for the editing team. As a student, you can divide your college project into ‘rooms.’ In this case, your classmates will know where to find each part of the project.
  • Timers for brainstorming. Imagine you need to find    resources for dissertation, but you don’t know where to find them. With MURAL, you just set a timer and brainstorm with your colleagues.
  • Voting system is anonymous. No need to worry that you have hurt someone with your opinion!

InVision Freehand

This magic application synchronizes Photoshop and Sketch files yet is perfect for arts and design students.

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  • Color for markups. When a user starts adding changes to the document, you can see the color of the dot in their icon. The color indicates the type of changes being made.
  • Presentations. You can present your projects in a clique of a mouse.
  • Comments. There are no separate text chats, but the members can communicate through comments.

Explain Everything

One of the most popular whiteboard applications in college surroundings. Both teachers and students will benefit from using Explain Everything.

  • Tons of functions. With this whiteboard application, you can do everything to make your teaching process funnier.  Need to make a quick drawing? Yes, you can. Add text, visuals, or audio files? Yes, these things are also possible.
  • Recording a video. This feature is especially efficient for students who combine work and studying or miss lectures often. Rewatching a lecture is also a great    opportunity to revise the lecture material. For teachers, recording a video adds more freedom to the studying process. Videos are also a great support to the students who grasp the learning material slower than their peers.
  • Sharing videos is easy. Just record a video and save it. Later, share a link or download it in an MP4 format.
  • Adding fun. You can ask your students to make videos of themselves, in which they summarize the things they have learnt.


This whiteboard application is super easy to use. You get a blank whiteboard and add templates.

  • Excellent collaboration opportunities. This is exactly what the Conceptboard developers focused on. The users get an opportunity to leave board comments and discuss problems and ideas in chats.
  • Video conference. If the team struggles to solve issues in text chats or by leaving comments, video conference becomes a must. There are many whiteboard applications that do not have this particular feature. Hence, Conceptboard stands out.
  • Convenient organization. The information you present is organized into sections. Just skip the complex parts and focus on details. Moreover, you can download sections and send them to others as a fully functional file.


A perfect option to make remote studying an effective part of your life. Yet no wonder that OpenBoard is one of the most famous whiteboard applications in the academic surroundings.

  • Quick installation. If you want to use OpenBoard directly on your device, just download it. No registration is necessary.
  • GitHub cooperation. Get the best technical support!
  • Great system compatibility. You can use OpenBoard in Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Use any additional tool. You can write with a mouse or on a pen tablet while using the application.

Final Thoughts

With COVID-19 invasion into our personal spaces, life is no longer the same. The majority of colleges and universities have become remote. Yet showing the need for technological advancements. We hope that our article helped you find the best application for remote learning. Good luck and stay tuned!

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