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Why is javascript still important in developing modern web apps

09 Aug 2021 Developer News
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When a Netscape Communications employee, Brendan Eich, developed a new programming language in just 10 days aiming to improve the dynamics and visuality of the websites, nobody expected it to become a top programming language after Java. JavaScript has empowered about 97% of the websites on the internet and has preserved its significance for over 25 years.

Despite the criticism and controversy coming from some programmers and engineers skeptical about the limitations of the language, javascript development services remain in high demand and the language is used by more than 10 million developers. The language originally applied for the client-side has also turned into a server-side programming language. The truth is that hardly anything appears possible without JavaScript in web technologies these days. Such features as slideshows, browser handling, various forms and menus, autocomplete are all developed thanks to JavaScript. The possibility to enhance HTML and CSS makes the language universal in multiple areas. Even for projects in other languages, javascript outsourcing becomes an integral component.

The most common applications of JavaScript

  • Web Development. Serving its initial purpose JavaScript remains a client scripting language making it possible to achieve dynamic web pages with external apps ranging from pdf files to running widgets.
  • Mobile Apps. The two largest operating systems, iOS and Android, use different languages for developing mobile applications. “PhoneGap” framework in JavaScript solves the onerous conflict for any development company allowing to develop once and apply on both platforms.
  • Presentations. A rich variety of JavaScript libraries enable developing web-based slides and interactive decks on HTML.
  • Web Servers. Fast Node.JS allows developers to create a web server, which works without the requirement of receiving the previous call response.

What makes JavaScript remain irreplaceable for over 25 years?

Not only the success of Brendan Eich is almost impossible to believe in but the fact that it has lasted for 25 years and has constantly evolved seems like genuine magic in a fast-paced tech world. To hire JavaScript developer for web app creation has remained in demand for many businesses. The reasons for this ongoing triumph are obvious. 

  • JavaScript runs on any platform. Competition with new languages possessing innovative features is deemed by the multipurposeness of JavaScript. Not only various browsers and operating systems but any devices from a phone to smart TV come at able for JavaScript.
  • Constant development. The commitment of ECMA to raise the standards of JavaScript creates favorable conditions for the evolution of the language. Efficiency and functionality constantly improving now allow to develop complex applications. Leading companies such as Google and Microsoft with the support of the rest JavaScript community make it possible to increase the performance and speed on their browsers. We may be surprised to find out that the future of JavaScript is yet to come. The features of JavaScript can be easily expanded by applying various transpilers such as Typescript, Duke Script and Vaadin.
  • Strong community. In JavaScript ecosystem, any beginner gets access to numerous development tools, libraries, tutorials, and support from other community members. Earlier anxiety about the possibility of a newer framework replacing JavaScript and ruining many projects is becoming erased with the understanding of the power of the community and new generations of developers coming on stage. At QArea, we hire young JavaScript developers and invest in their professionalism and skills development as the demand for outsourced services is raising.
  • Suitability for machine learning. The flexibility of JavaScript allows the deployment of machine learning models with the language. Effectiveness for the AI is a significant factor, which guarantees further life and progress of JavaScript.

JavaScript frameworks

Developers are able to write a code for the app running on multiple channels. The most common JavaScript frameworks are:

  • Angular JS framework by Google serving to develop one-page apps.
  • React JS is a Facebook framework library applied for high-performance web apps.
  • Ember JS is a framework with great flexibility and the ability to reach an interactive design. The importance of the framework and design, in general, should never be underestimated. You can find out more about    the cost of bad design.
  • Node JS is used for creating real-time apps.
  • Vue JS is an efficient library with a strong community of supporters.

In the world of constantly changing web technologies, JavaScript succeeds in remaining on top of the trends, inspiring developers globally and providing them with new amazing tools. Complex and sophisticated options are available with a friendly and not complicated approach. Accepted by all applications and browsers, the language is constantly developing and evolving giving no chance for negative and non-optimistical statements.

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