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The impact of dating site/apps on personal relationships

10 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Perhaps it’s not common knowledge, but where the Internet is concerned, a fundamental milestone was reached almost five years ago, one that could rightly have been described as more of a tipping point. In October 2016, it was first reported that the total users accessing websites via apps on hand-held devices exceeded desktop connections for the first time. Since then, more and more people browsing online are choosing to download a handy application to their favourite smart device. It would be interesting to consider what impact this seachange has on personal relationships?

Easy communication

Dating sites are increasingly designed to be as user-friendly as possible. When it comes to giving users a platform for interacting with kindred spirits, offers a host of features that will be made available once you sign up. There will be the traditional texting methods, along with emailing, WhatsApp groups, or video chat options. All these methods of touching base make relationships so much easier to manage. When couples are separated by distance for whatever reason, perhaps through work or study commitments, this situation has often had the potential to place a strain on their connection. The advent of instant communication channels has all but alleviated issues that used to affect long-distance links.

Choice of dating app

The most obvious effect has been instigating the deluge of apps that are now available, often free of charge. The Apple App Store currently has somewhere in the region of 1.9 apps available to customers, while the Google Play Store offers more than 2.8 million. Because new apps are being launched on an ongoing basis, one of the most exciting aspects of these platforms, and their ability to boost personal relationships, has been to keep socializing fresh and exciting. If you’re single and have become used to the sheer convenience of downloading these apps to allow you to organize your love life, every day offers new possibilities.

Seamless interaction

One of the prime attributes offered by this software is how well these icons can be integrated into the variety of apps already nested on your mobile device’s home screen. Because there are often common areas of interest where your social media and online dating aspirations are concerned, it makes sense to be able to flip between various shortcuts. You might be chatting with Facebook friends, seeking their counsel about the best way to approach another single on a dating outlet. Then, armed with some pointers, you could quickly tap into the latter, composing a flirty message, before sending it to the person you are attracted to.

A platform for developing chemistry

Dating sites provide a hospitable atmosphere where newcomers will always be made to feel welcome. If they are relatively new to the Internet dating scene, their first port of call could be a website’s chat room facility. Here they can introduce themselves to a cross-section of members, getting involved in group discussions, and widening their social circle. After developing confidence, they might start flirting with their new acquaintances, then progress to some one-on-one connections. Personal relationships forged in this environment will tend to evolve much quicker than those formed in ‘real life’ situations because the subjects will have taken advantage of a secure communication channel that is intended to be conducive to people opening up and being so much more honest and direct about their feelings.

Transforming online connections to offline romance

When site users have bonded via regular online connections, the transition to the offline world will be so much more seamless. They will already have found out so much about their prospective partners that the chemistry will be palpable.

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