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How to Understand If We Are Making the Right Choice of a Partner Online

11 Aug 2021 Developer News
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This question is asked by men and women at all stages of a relationship: from the first date to the engagement. It can also be heard from the future mother-in-law, “Why are you so sure that my son (my daughter) is the one you are looking for?” Or from a friend on your wedding day, “Are you sure you want to spend your whole life with him (her)?” And what do we answer? As a rule, something like “I just love her (him)” or “She understands me perfectly.”

Couple therapists often meet couples who are happy in relationships and want to live together — but have absolutely no explanation why. Of course, love cannot be described in words and can be easily confused with desire, passion, or friendship. But all of these couples have one thing in common. All men and women from who sought to continue the relationship were absolutely satisfied with them. This means that both partners received from the relationship exactly what they expected and what they needed. This is often one of the signs of a harmonious romantic relationship. So, how can this satisfaction help us realize that we are going to connect our lives with the right partner?

1.Assess If You Like Everything

This can be tricky. To make things easier, psychologists recommend dividing relationships into several categories:

  • sex,
  • finance,
  • emotional component,
  • communication, etc.

And then rate how satisfied you are with each category. If you are happy with absolutely all items — congratulations! You really found who you were looking for. If so far not all the points satisfy you, do not be discouraged. Think about how, over time, you will find a way to accept the situation or change it.

2.Ask Yourself How Good Your Previous Relationship Was

If there was something that made you feel better than you do now, talk it over with your partner. It is always worth talking about what you want and what you expect. However, you may not know exactly what you want. But in this case, it is essential just to start a conversation. There is nothing more toxic than comparing previous and current relationships.

3.Can You Imagine Meeting an Even Better Partner?

The rule is the same here: if you feel that some point in your relationship does not meet expectations, talk about it with your partner. Do not be silent, and do not keep your discontent to yourself.

4.Think, Maybe You Should Work on Yourself

If you cannot determine what exactly you do not like in a relationship, but, at the same time, it does not satisfy you, this is usually a sign that you do not yet understand what you want from it. Try to think about it and comprehend what an attractive relationship and a good marriage look like for you, and what, in your opinion, is not enough to achieve this result.

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