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Best Apps and Tools to Make Gambling Easier

18 Aug 2021 Developer News
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The skill of a gambler is significant but does not decide the result of a game. However, it does help in positioning a gambler in the best chance to win. Your effort as a gambler includes calculation, decision making, and odd analysis.

To enhance and complement human effort, developers have come with different apps and tools. You can use these apps to carry out different functions in gambling. Perhaps this is your first time hearing about such applications. Even payments in casinos are easier these days.

An article on how to make casino deposit by Boku will help you with that. And for the apps, you will learn the best you should know about in this post.

The best apps and tools for gambling work on mobile devices. Interestingly, these apps are compatible with both Android OS and iOS. As such, you can download from either the Google play store or the Apple store. Gambling platforms also integrate some tools to enhance your gambling experience. Below are apps and tools that enhance gambling;

Bet calculator

The best calculator app is used for calculating winnings. It allows you to input the betting odds and wager. It then calculates your potential winning on different games. This will allow you to analyse your chance in each game and then choose the best.

This app is efficient as it can consider bookmakers bonuses while calculating. The Bet calculator can also permutate depending on accumulated information. It is reliable with accurate calculations. The European business reported that technology has dramatically enhanced participation in gambling. Not only that, but it has also provided tools to make gamblers smarter in their adventure. With a bet calculator, you always have an idea of what to expect.

Bet Comment and tips

Gambling becomes easier when you have access to first-hand knowledge. You can get this knowledge from pros who understand the nitty-gritty of the game. This app, Bet comment, offers you access to first-hand information and analysis about betting.

It integrates a list of professionals who can advise and guide beginners to become an expert in gambling. It also offers services such as analysis of the bet, statistical analysis, and prediction. The prediction is based on past outcomes of similar games. The app also offers tips on possible risks a player can take in gambling.

Responsible gaming

The responsible gaming feature is a tool prominent in online gambling platforms. It is the responsibility of bookmakers to ensure the safety of their customers. Hence the need for them to integrate the responsible gaming tool. This tool, as its name implies, has the right attitude to gambling.

The responsible gaming feature requires a player to set up his betting limit. Players will equally be able to set a time limit. The limit can either be daily, weekly, or monthly. When the target is met, the player will be restricted from participating in other gambling.

Bettor Time

Bettor Time is an app that monitors your activity on betting sites. It also tracks your betting habits and the outcome of each bet. It allows you to compare your betting outcome for different days. You can therefore identify the time of the day you make the best and the wrong decision.

The app also allows you to set up a betting time limit. It will allow you to choose your most suitable gambling time and block you from gambling other times. Likewise, the app can identify the hour of the day when you make a poor gambling decision. It will then block you from gambling during that period with your permission.


The GameStop app seeks to promote healthy gambling and discourage gambling addiction. Whenever you notice gambling addiction or you struggle with compulsive addiction. You can then make use of the app to tackle the issues.

The app uses a player's information and ensures it restricts the player from gambling for a period. The minimum period is six weeks and can last up to 6 months, depending on the player's choice. The app also blocks all gambling advertisements and promotions from the gambler's device.

Bet predictor

The Bet predictor app works predominantly for sportsbook gambling. It helps in predicting the outcome of a football game. Each prediction is made using an algorithm that makes use of statistical analysis. The analysis makes use of a database with over 150,000 results.

The app also ensures regular updates to enhance accurate prediction. At the same time, the algorithm predicts outcomes based on each team's strength and previous match result. The predictions of this app are, most of the time, accurate. However, it uses the disclaimer that you are responsible for your loss and not the developer.

Gambling can be easier when you make use of apps that can carry out an analysis. Some apps are capable of carrying out predictions. These apps are available for both Android OS and iOS. Meanwhile, gambling platforms also integrate some tools to caution against unhealthy gambling and make gambling more accessible.

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