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Useful Apps Each Online Casino Fan Must Have

19 Aug 2021 Developer News
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If you tried and loved online casino games, you joined millions of players that enjoy internet gambling. Casino apps allow enjoying real money gaming on the go, but gamblers can also find other tools useful. This guide lists helpful apps that are must-haves for online casino fans. Check out our selection to see how this software can boost your gaming experience!

1.Money Management Apps

You enjoy playing live casino online games and the thrill that comes with investing real money. These tables offer a special feeling since they involve a human dealer that hosts the game. Once you find yourself at a table, it’s easy to forget how much you invested during the session. But if you want to maximize the experience, it’s important that you only play with money designated for gaming.

Money management apps can help you to take care of your finances. This software tracks your transactions in real-time and improves personal spending habits. It’s easy to design weekly and monthly budgets and determine how much to invest when gambling. That way, you’ll never get in a situation to spend more than you should in online casinos.


Imagine this scenario – you are in the middle of an exciting roulette session. You realize that there are no more funds in your balance. But what if you believe it’s important to play the next round? You don’t want to leave the game for minutes or hours. That’s why you need a reliable instant payment method, and that’s where e-wallets come into play.

An electronic wallet is an online payment gateway. It maximizes safety because it doesn’t require entering your bank account or credit card details.

Here is a short explanation of how e-wallets work:

  1. You sign up for the desired e-wallet, such as Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. The registration is usually free, and most wallets offer an app for easier transfers.
  2. Use the preferred banking option to load funds to your wallet.
  3. Once you have sufficient balance, head to the desired online casino.
  4. Pick the e-wallet you use among the available options.
  5. Enter the amount and finalize the transaction.

E-wallets rarely charge for uploading funds or gambling deposits. However, withdrawals might come with fees, and don’t forget about the potential casino charges.

Cryptocurrencies are the latest hit in the financial market. If you use these currencies, you can count on crypto wallets. Their working process is identical to standard e-wallets. However, they take anonymity to the next level, which some players might appreciate.

3.VPN Software

What if your desired gambling site isn’t available in your region? Perhaps you are heading on vacation and want to continue playing, but the restrictions limit you. A virtual private network can help you here.

VPN offers numerous advantages for online gamblers. Here are the main reasons to use it:

  • Visit any gambling websites without restrictions. The accessible sites will depend on the VPN you are using. However, the point of these networks is to allow you to visit any online casino without limits imposed by your location.
  • Enjoy playing on public Wi-Fi connections. Public wireless is unsafe, but you make it secure with a VPN. That’s because this network routes all your internet activity through a safe gateway. If you plan on using internet banking or playing for real money, this security measure becomes vital.
  • Improve privacy by preventing ISP tracking. Your provider could record your internet activity, which compromises your privacy. They might sell that information or give it away to the government without your consent. VPNs keep you safe because they encrypt your activity and come with no-tracking features.

Most VPN providers offer designated desktop and mobile apps. That makes it easy to use their services at home and on the go.

4.Sports Streaming Apps

Is betting on sports your favorite online gaming option? The sports wagering sector reached a value of $203 billion in 2020. Even casual players place bets to make watching their favorite teams more interesting. If you want to enjoy live events, you’ll need the best sports streaming apps.

Some betting providers offer apps where you can watch certain sports events live. That only requires creating an account, and there are no additional expenses. Apart from that, you can subscribe to channels like ESPN, Eurosport, and others offering sports programs. That ensures comprehensive coverage of major sports events, which boosts the entire wagering experience.

Sports streaming apps also open a new window to betting. If you watch an event, you can make an educated in-play wager. That involves betting on the event while it’s in progress. That has been the latest hit in the sports wagering market, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

5.Free Gaming Apps

The online gambling world is rich and filled with different games. Even if you love playing slots and craps, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try roulette. Free gaming simulators are excellent ways to test new games. Desktop and mobile apps are both available, and they don’t take much room on your devices.

These games don’t come with any obligations. Many developers even offer free versions of their premium releases. They believe that’s the easiest way to attract players to invest real money to play their games.

6.Poker Trackers

If poker is your favorite, you know the importance of every move in this game. That’s why you could benefit from a specialized poker tracker app.

This software usually comes with the following features:

  • Support for different variations, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc.
  • Check out the table statistics and receive useful information.
  • Analyze previous hands to see where you could have performed better.

Final Thoughts

Online gambling is an exciting way of spending spare time. If you are a passionate gambler, the additional apps from this article will boost the entire experience. They will ensure you remain safe and play responsibly while allowing you to test new games and improve your skills. Feel free to try the apps and find the ones that suit your preferences!

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