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How to Get Noticed in Music Industry

19 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Everything in this universe comes down to the level of luck. In some fields you can create the conditions that will maximize it. And the musical industry is not an exception.

Decide What is Your Ultimate Goal

Before you launch your promotional strategy you have to break down the purpose of your mission and the level of its difficulty. The easiest way to do it is to start off by answering yourself two basic questions:

1.   Do you want to get noticed once or do you want to get noticed on a regular basis?

2.   In what exact light do you want to get noticed?

Figuring out your show business priorities will make the work on your promotional journey a lot easier, since it will outline a specific creative space for your artistic imagination.

Choose Your Social Media Strategy

Same thing as in the previous section. But this time there are 3 questions you have to answer

·         How many social media platforms will you use?

·         How active do you want to be on social media (minimally active, active, maximally active)?

·         How much triggering do you want to be on social media (harmless, moderately edgy, maximally close to banning)?

Be Smart About Your Emotions

As much as artists are emotional conductors – suppressing emotions outside of the stage is what gives them a huge lead in this game. If you make no distinction between your inner artistic and business characters you won’t be able to think a couple steps ahead, and eventually you will find yourself in silly, difficult and unpleasant situations. If that is not what you want for your career – accustom yourself to unleash your emotions exclusively during your performances.

Follow All Show Business News

Ability to work with information, to store it and to use it will give you a creative advantage over your competitors. Knowing about the situations of various entertainment branches will not only make you aware of what is going on within the whole show-business industry, but will also increase your chances to create a better connection with all artists. To make sure you are not getting misinformed – follow various news platforms and always check it with the source of the story.

Never Overuse Your Connections

As you get more and more connections – keep in mind that you can use them strictly and exceptionally in case of irreplaceable need. Because one meaningless bother can ruin not only your connections with that person, band, studio or label, but will also very likely spread bad rumors about you as a business partner. And the image of an annoying artist is also probably not something you want to have in the long-term perspective.

Study the Law

Of course, getting into big trouble will very likely bring you the attention of the media. However, you probably don’t want them to overshadow your legacy with an image of an intellectually weak artist. For that reason, you have to be also aware of all potential legal issues. Knowing and studying the law will save you from wasting too much time and money on silly and preventable mistakes over some publicity stunt.

Don’t Have Backup Plans

The most successful musician who put the importance of this guide in simple words is Travis Barker. He made this deep statement when he was guest at #1239 episode of Joe Rogan Experience.

“You gotta do it. My dad used to tell me the same thing. He’d be like ‘you gotta have a plan B.’ And I’d be like ‘Well, if I have a plan B, I’m not gonna try that hard.’ And I started thinking in my head and then that’s when I just said ‘No… It’s only this. No matter if I rich or poor, whatever the circumstances, this is what I’m doing.’”

 About the Author:

Zack Hargrove is a blogger who writes about music, media and education. If you get anxious over writing papers related to the field of IT, his colleagues will always provide you professional assistance.

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